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 As one of the leading global innovators of filtration solutions, Cobetter focuses on membrane technology application and R&D. In addition, we are dedicated to supplying filtration, separation, and purification solutions across all industries worldwide.
 Cobetter is a technology-driven company that is committed to R&D and innovative filtration solutions. Our R&D department, leaded by 10 overseas technical experts and 100 domestic engineers, is committed to producing microporous membranes, nano-fibers, and tangential flow filtration membrane cassettes with over 1200 products and 100 patented technologies. Cobetter has developed a full product range composed of core materials with unique performance capabilities. 


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    Novacon Ultra High Precision  Chemical Filter

    High retention efficiency, flow rates and surface area allow for a rapid operation

    Cobetter Novacon Series are especially designed foracids, bases and other process chemicals as a cost-effectivealternative for wet etch and clean applications where low temperature is required.


  • Photopex Nylon Ultra-high Efficiency Filter
    With high flow rate performance, excellent retention capabilities and cleanliness,Cobetter Photopex Nylon Filter Cartridges are able to filter photoresists, solvents and other chemicals in semiconductor processes. ...

  • Photopex Nylon Filter Cartridges use a pure unmodified hydrophilic nylon membrane with guaranteed levels of metal extractable and particle cleanliness.The filter’s cleanliness reduces equipment set up time.Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to meet all your requirements.
    Please contact your Cobetter Sales Engineer for additional information.
  • Fluorolink All Polyuorine Filter Housing
    Overall PFA construction makes it suitable for highly corrosive high temperature ultra-pure chemicals...

  • *Filter’s cleanliness reduces equipment pre-operation Compact structure saves space
    *Available in a wide variety of adapters to meet all customer requirements
    *Using wrench tools, the housing can be replaced easily reducing production downtime

  • Chemphobic Ultrapure Chemical Filter
    Cobetter Chemphobic Filter Series are especially designed and ideally suited for high temperature and corrosive chemicals including hot H2SO4, H3PO4, HNO3,SPM, SC1, and SC2....

  • The PTFE membrane ensures excellent chemical compatibility with consistent particles removal for a wide range of acids, bases and other process chemicals. All fluorine construction minimizes metal extractable and other contaminants and provides high flow rates and extended service life to meet high filtration efficiency.

    Ultra-pure cleanliness reduces equipment set up time. Its one-piece structural design makes it easy to install and replace. Available in T, L and In-line configurations which simplify system design.

  • Novacon Ultra High Precision Chemical Filter
    High retention efficiency, flow rates and surface area allow for a rapid operation...

  • The asymmetric PES membrane provides significant retention of particles (down to 2nm) with additional
    characteristics including high flow rates, high dirt holding capacity, and longer filter lifetime. In addition, the
    membrane structure reduces bubbles formation during flow. These filters have high mechanical strength and are suitable for a wide variety of filtration processes.

    The HDPE cage ensures low metal extractables during filtration.

  • Chemvast Absolute-Rated Filter Cartridges
    Cobetter Chemvast Filter Series are available in wide variety of PTFE membranes including hydrophobic PTFE, hydrophilic PTFE or non-dewetting PTFE....

  • HDPE Cage enhances its chemical compatibility making it suitbable for most chemical liquid filtration applications. It effectively removes particles from high purity chemicals in the semiconductor industry. Available in a wide range of retention ratings and pore sizes to meet customer’s requirements.

    Non-dewetting PTFE increases the surface energy of the membrane and ensures high flow rates and filtration efficiency. With its HDPE Cage and high purity membrane,
    Chemvast Filters reduce costs when compared to Chemrapid Filter Series. Chemvast Hydrophilic PTFE membrane can be used to filter polar solvents without pre-wetting.


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