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MueTec offers a comprehensive range of optical inspection systems for the semiconductor and MEMS industry, including:

  • Infrared (IR) inspection and metrology for MEMS and wafer
  • Macro Defect Inspection: 200 wph paralle wafer backside and frontside inspection without the need to wirte a recipe
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) tools with different automation levels
  • Flexible combination of CD and Overlay metrology with film thickness measurement and defect inspection   and review in one tool

We are fast and flexible to tailor our solutions to your individual needs. In more than 25 years, MueTec has installed hundreds of systems around the world that provide proof of highest performance and quality standards.


  • MT1000
    The MT1000 is a Macro Defect Inspection system that features recipe-less, simultaneous frontside and backside defect inspection at a throughput of 200 wph....

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  • MT8000
    Metrology and Inspection System for 300mm and 200mm wafer, MEMS and masks. The MT8000 series features the following applications: CD, Overlay and Film Thickness measurement and Defect Inspection....

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  • MT1300
    300mm Macro Defect Inspection (Back-End) - High throughput of up to 120 300mm wafer per hour - Modular design with extendable measurement chambers - Backside sawing inspection (Back-end) - No need for wafer-specific recipes - Small footpring...

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  • MT8000 Spector
    Mask Defect Inspection - Fully automated mask inspection system - Die-to-die inspection approach addresses statistical mask defects - Highly cost-effective replacement of high-end mask inspection tools - For contact or proximity exposure masks...

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