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Auros Technology is a world’s leading provider of the most advanced technologies that help our valuable customers continually make innovation and create the new life. As a technology oriented company, Auros Technology focuses on solving technical problems of customers in metrology area of semiconductor industry.

Business sector : Auros Technology is making a big commitment to being a leader in such metrology area as overlay measurement and pellicle/mask inspection. Based on a solid foundation of technical achievement and close collaborations with customers, our products are standing out in the market with remarkable performance in the short history of the company.

1. Overlay Metrology System :

We provide state-of-the-art overlay metrology system for FEOL/MEOL/BEOL as well as Bump/uBump overlay system in the senmiconductor area. Our varous systems have been already installed in many customer sites and run well for better fab operation. 

2. Pellicle/Mask Inspectin System :

Pellicle/Mask inspection system is an outgoing QC solution to pellicle manufacturer as well as incoming QC solution to mask manufacturer, captive shop and every site using pellicles. This system is powerful and user friendly AOI equipment for finalized pellicle. Every inspection step is fully automated and has powerful various functions and high throughput.

We have more informatin about Auros Technology and our product line-up in our company web-site. please visit our web-site for more details and contact the sales person to discuss more. 

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  • OL-100n
    AUROS Technology Overlay OL-100n...

  • AUROS introduces the newly developed overlay metrology system for the fabs of 150mm/200mm wafer process. As a provider of overlay metrology tool, AUROS has already fully proven 300mm wafer fabs to Asian customers and developed the brand new OL-100n, which has the same technology as other OL series (OL-700n/600n/300n) for 300mm wafer fabs. As this system is brand new, OL-100n has many advantages such as high throughput, better accuracy, useful functions, parts/service support etc. Auto Recipe Optimization (ARO) is to help users create recipe in auto mode. ARO manager is a useful SW that helps easily copy current recipes in other tools into OL-100n without any efforts and taking long time. On top of these advantages, this brand new system provides various features and values.
  • Inspection
    Pellicle/Mask Particle Inspection System...

  • Mercury is Pellicle/Mask Inspection System manufactured by Auros Technology, which is very powerful and an user-friendly AOI equipment to inspect the finalized pellicle. This equipment conducts every inspection step in fully automatic ways. It can inspect whole area of pellicle and mask with very high throughput. It also provides the function of defect review with high magnification. Mercury is the best solution for Outgoing QC to pellicle manufacturers, captive shops and all sites that are using pellicles.
  • OL-700n
    AUROS Technology Overlay OL-700n...

  • Auros Technology has just released the latest model of overlay metrology system to more satisfy the customers' demands. As the technology node is getting smaller and the margin of process control is tighter, it is getting difficult for customers to cope with accuracy, process management, productivity etc. In order to provide the best solutions for accuracy, yield enhancement, fab operation, and productivity, OL-700n is made with our own technology. This model offers improved performances and is applied to the most advanced devices in the world. As this system is faster than the previous model, it helps customers with throughput and productivity. This third generation of overlay metrology system is much more powerful in every aspect compared to OL-600n.


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