ProDrive Technologies

Son en Breugel,  Noord-Brabant 
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Subsystem supplier for semiconductor equipment manufacturers

For more than two decades Prodrive Technologies is a research, development and production partner for the semiconductor equipment industry. Our solutions are used in key parts like metrology, lithography, etching & deposition.

We understand what it takes to comply to S2, S8, F47 including lifecycle management with high quality demands to meet semiconductor standards. Prodrive Technologies does not only come up with innovative technology tailored to customer requirements, but also has ready-to-use products:

Computing solutions

  • Industrial PC’s – Intel based PCs with 7+ lifecycle
  • Computing servers – Intel based Servers with 7+ lifecycle
  • Storage solutions – Terabyte to petabyte high reliability

Imaging & Vision System and Sensing

  • (TDI) line scan Camera’s – 400kHz TD)
  • Area scan camera’s – E-beam, DUV and visual
  • Integrated imaging systems – Custom optical solutions & image processing

Motion & Mechatronics

  • Motion drives & controllers – EtherCAT motion controllers
  • Voice coil actuators and linear motors – Optional magnetic shielding & vacuum compatibility
  • Mechatronic systems – Motion stages and optomechanics assemblies

Power Conversion

  • Integrated power systems integrated multi-function cabinets
  • Power distribution units – High quality, Semicon-grade Power supplies
  • Highly linear & low noise PWM drives- High reliability & lifetime

We are happy to meet you at our exhibition stand where we will present our latest offerings for the semiconductor market. 


  • Industrial PC's (Poseidon-series)
    SEMI S2, S8, F47 compliant Industrial PC's with extreme reliability and long (10+ years) lifecycles....

  • Following Intel-roadmap, the following server families are available:

    • Intel Xeon® Broadwell-DE series, supported at least until 2022
    • Intel Xeon® Ice Lake series, for future generation industrial PC's

  • Zeus High Performance Cabinet
    SEMI-grade, liquid cooled computing cabinet for demanding embedded applications such as motion control and image processing...

  • Key Features

    • 41U height
    • 19 inch width
    • 200V, 208V, 400V phase-phase 50/60Hz mains input
    • Isolated Power up to 20kW
    • EMO Circuits on front and back
    • Leakage Detection connected to EMO
    • Cabinet Manager for Management and Monitoring
    • Weight Capacity of 1000 kg

    Certifications and Standards

    • IPX2 enclosure protection
    • SEMI S2, S8 and F47
    • NFPA79
    • NEN/CSA/UL-EN-IEC-61010-1
    • IEC61000-6-2 2nd edition
    • NEN-EN-EN-55011:2009/A1 CISPR 11
    • FCC CFR 47 part 15
  • TDI Linescan Camera
    400 kHz TDI Line scan camera for inspection applications...

  • High level Specifications of the TDI Camera:

    • Image Sensor
      • 4096 px
      • 128 TDI blocks with 4x TDI
      • 2x Read-out engine
      • Pixel: up to 10bpp
      • Up to 200.000 lines/sec with 4-stage TDI (100kHz per engine)
      • Up to 400.000 lines/sec with 2-stage TDI (200kHz per engine)
    • Processing
      • DPC, FPN and PRNU correction
    • Interface:
      • x4 PCIe 2.0
      • DMA Engine
    • Power: 12VDC
    • Miscellaneous
      • 3x Differential input (trigger)
      • 2x Differential Output (strobe/flash)
      • 2x Diagnostic LEDs
  • Linear Motors
    In-house produced linear motors, especially designed for high-tech applications such as semiconductor-fabs, with extreme magnetic shielding....

  • Features:

    • High force density
    • High precision
    • High linearity
    • Low stiffness

    Ironless permanent magnet motors

    Ironcore permanent magnet motors

    Reluctance actuators

    Voice coil actuators

  • Motion drives and controllers
    High linearity and low noise PWM amplifiers for sub-nanometer positioning:...

  • High linearity and low noise PWM amplifiers for sub-nanometer positioning:

    • Noise optimized for position control systems
    • High linearity over full current range
    • High efficiency
    • High reliability and lifetime compared to traditional linear amplifiers

    In-house design and manufacturing of critical components:

    • Ultra high precision current sensor
    • Ultra stable voltage reference


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