Raesch Quarz (Germany) GmbH

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- Semiconductors

- Fibre Optics

- Solar Systems

- UV Lamps

- Industrial applications


  • Quartz glass rod
    Quarz glass rods are needed for optical fiber applications. Their main use is a support material, so-called handle rods....

  • Quartz glass rods with low OH-content, exact cutting edges and low amount of bubbles. Thanks to their little bending, our rods are perfectly usable to draw optical fibers.
  • Quartz glass tubes/sleeves
    Quartz glass tubes are for example used for annealing processes. Direct drawn tubes are available for up to OD310mm....

  • Quartz glass tubes of Raesch are produced in a so-called one-step melt technology. We draw our quartz glass tubes of the hightest quality directly and without further intermediate steps. State-of-the-art smelting furnaces allow outside diameters from 7mm to 310mm.

    The preparation and doping of the used quartz sand enable us to offer a wide portfolio of different quartz glass characteristics.

  • Resize tubes
    Direct drawn quartz tubes can be resized up to max. OD1000mm at Raesch....

  • In our in-house Resize Center, highly qualified glass-blowers ennoble our quartz glass tubes.

    At our most powerful glass lathes, the original diameter is increase up to 1,000mm.

    Due to their high grade of purity and chemical resistance, Raesch resize tubes are used in high-temperature processes as reaction cylinders for wafer production as well as the chemical industry.

    Individual tube diameters and special challenges are our strength.


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