SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions

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Nanoimprint Lithography Solutions

SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions offers solutions for patterning nano-structures on large wafers by using its unique and proprietary lithography technology (SCIL).

SCIL or Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography is a cost effective, robust, high yield process enabling nanometer resolution patterns on a large variety of materials. SCIL delivers proven, high quality imprints on wafer areas up to 200 mm. It can be used to make patterns with feature sizes down to less than 10 nm and overlay alignment of 1 µm. Overlay alignment down to 100nm is on the development roadmap.

SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions helps customers with optimized equipment, consumable materials and processes for high volume production. Our solutions enable semicon manufacturers to increase performance, lower end-product costs and increase functionality.


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