LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

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LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is a highly specialized mechanical engineering company. We design and manufacture laser systems. A typical application for these systems is in the production of electronic components. Since these components need to be built into smaller and more compact devices - such as smartphones - the utilization of high-precision laser beams as tools is becoming increasingly relevant.

LPKF has pioneered the use of lasers in micro material processing. Since our formation in 1976, we have created entirely new markets with our innovative ideas. Today, our technology is deployed in a wide range of industries - such as in the electronics sector, where LPKF systems are used to design or separate circuit boards. The automotive industry uses LPKF lasers for particulate-free welding of sensors or taillights. Solar cell manufacturers boost the efficiency of their modules by deploying LPKF laser scribers. Most recently, we started offering a laser-based glass processing method for microelectronics and a digital printing process for functional pastes.