Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment

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 As one of the leading global innovators of filtration solutions, Cobetter focuses on membrane technology application and R&D. In addition, we are dedicated to supplying filtration, separation, and purification solutions across all industries worldwide.
 Cobetter is a technology-driven company that is committed to R&D and innovative filtration solutions. Our R&D department, leaded by 10 overseas technical experts and 100 domestic engineers, is committed to producing microporous membranes, nano-fibers, and tangential flow filtration membrane cassettes with over 1200 products and 100 patented technologies. Cobetter has developed a full product range composed of core materials with unique performance capabilities. 


  • Novacon Ultra High Precision Chemical Filter
    Cobetter Novacon Series are especially designed for acids ,bases and other process chemicals as a cost-effective alternative for wet etch and clean applications where low temperature is required....

  • High retention efficiency,flow rates and surface area allow for a rapid operation.


    Process:Wet etch and cleans 

    Installation Point:Point of Tool

    Low tempertature processes(<70℃)

    Chemistry:Dilute acids(such as BOE/DHF/SC2)

    Dilute bases(Such as SC1/TMAH);DIW

  • Chemphobic™ Ultrapure Chemical Filter
    Cobetter Chemphobic™ Filter Series are especially designed and ideally suited for hiht temperature and corrosive chemicals including hot H2SO4,H3PO4,HNO3,SPM,SC1,and SC2....

  • Application:


    Wet etch and clean

    Bulk chemicals