Gallant Precision Machining

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As a leader in smart manufacturing, the headquarters of GPM is currently located in Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park. 41 years of business have afforded us a rich vein of experience and technological knowhow from which to draw. GPM has design/R&D centers and manufacturing centers located in Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park, Central Taiwan Science Park and in Mainland China’s Suzhou, with customers found throughout Taiwan, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and North America.

Tapping into our technological knowhow, we have successfully applied our core technologies to a wide range of industries and fields, including: AI, smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, IoT, semiconductors, flat panel display, biomedical products and green energy. Continuous efforts towards innovation ensure that we are able to provide customers with top-of-the-line products and services, and comprehensive total solutions. Today, GPM products and services are trusted and recognized by many of the world’s best-known companies and manufacturers.

Booth No.4056


  • AOI
    Wafer Automatic Optical Inspection...

    • Ultra-High speed 2D defect inspection system
    • Fastest review image capture module than ever
    • AI technology-Auto Defect Classification
  • Grinder
    Dual Spindle / Flexible Dual Spindle Strip Grinder...

    • Full AUTO System
    • Wheel Auto dressing
    • Closed loop thickness feedback compensation
    • Substrate (MIS/C2IM/High heat dissipation &EMC/EMC+Cu/EMC+ABF/ABF+Cu)
    • Package(SIP/Fingerprint/Flip Chip/Heat sink& EMC/EMC+Die/EMC+Cu/EMC+Solder )
    • Panel Fanout(EMC/EMC+Die/EMC+Cu)
  • AGV
    Mount type AGV can be installed with robot, cv...etc, upon user's demand and budget ...

    • Optimization of transport flows.
    • Increased  accuracy and productivity.
    • Offers a customization design solution with AMHS.
  • IDMS
    AI Diagnosis warning for preventive maintenance alarm...

    • Real time Diagnosis  &  System machine learning
    • Abnormal event sorting  and alarming
    • Key parts life time tracking & maintenance prediction