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Henan Guoxi Ultra-pure New Materials Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise dedicated to the scientific research and scale industrial production of ultra-pure metal materials.

Our main products include 5N/6N high-purity cathode copper plates, copper granules, copper ingots, copper rods, high-purity zinc, etc., which are widely used in electronics, high purity materials, medical devices, metallurgy, scientific research, solar energy and other fields.

Our ultra-pure metal materials industrialization project is located at the front end of the advanced manufacturing and high-tech industrial chain. We develop a new generation of internationally advanced large-scale production of 6N ultra-pure copper, zinc and other ultra-high-purity metal materials technology, with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection advantages, it can meet the demand for high-quality ultra-pure metal materials for high-tech applications such as advanced research and high-end equipment manufacturing.

We have completed the construction of a number of high-quality 6N ultra-pure copper and 6N ultra-pure zinc production lines with international advanced level, and put them into production in batches. The products have been applied to advanced manufacturing and military industry, and have achieved good economic benefits and society benefits.

Our products have been exported to Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe and the Middle East and have gained a good reputation. We always believe that our products are benefiting people and our technology is changing the world. We warmly welcome customers to contact us and contribute to the world's scientific and technological progress together.


  • Ultra high purity cathode copper plate
    Purity: 99.999% - 99.9999% Specs: Thickness 3 - 5mm, 380*380mm or customized Characters: Materials free of voids, cracks, blemishes and contaminants...

  • Ultra high purity cathode copper is applied in alloy, standard test materials for for high purity analysis, liquid crystal display sputtering target, ion plating and development of new alloy as adding element, it also can be melt to high purity copper ingot for manufacturing all kinds of materials industry needs.
  • Ultra high purity copper pellets
    Purity: 99.99% to 99.9999% Size: 3x3mm 6x6mm or customized ...

  • Copper pellets is melt and cast directly from high purity copper plate as evaporation coating material, which is used in evaporation, casting, alloy and other fields.
  • Ultra high purity copper ingot
    Purity: 99.99% to 99.9999% Size: customized ...

  • Ultra high purity copper ingot is made of our high purity copper plates, which is melt in vacuum and high temperature, it is divided into square ingot and round ingot, used in high puirty targets, electric, accelerator, supuer conductor and other high-end industrial zone.
  • 5N/6N single crystal copper
    Purity: 99.99% to 99.9999% Diameter: Customized...

  • Single crystal copper (OCC) is casted by a special heat treatment in order to obtain a single crystal copper conductor, every crystal can extend more than a few hundred meters, the length of the crystal grain only have one if the actual application, and no so-called "grain interface" exists, so when signal transmission, withouth the need for grain and grain between the "grain boundary" for the production of audio wire, it is huge breakthrough in audio wire manufacturing industry in recent years.