CR GEMS Superabrasives

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CR GEMS Superabrasives Co., Ltd. is a part of the CR GEMS Diamond group. It manufactures outstanding quality superabrasives: Synthetic Diamond, Cubic Boron Nitride, Polycrystalline Diamond Compact; and provides professional solutions.

CR GEMS has specialized production facilities, advanced inspection equipments, with the strictest management system, implementing tight quality control. CR GEMS superabrasives has high recognition in all kinds of applications: stones, glasses & silicons' processing, steels & non-ferrous metals' machining, mining & geological drilling, etc.

CR GEMS constantly invests in R & D and the construction of a modern technology center, designs unique products to customer demands, such as: Multi-crystal diamond micro powder, Mono-crystal Triangle diamond, Large Single-crystal diamond. Meanwhile, CR GEMS has developed successful cooperation with universities and institutions, explores the C-based super materials’ remarkable properties in mechanics, optics, thermotics, acoustics, and their innovative applications.

CR GEMS will continue focusing on Quality & Innovation, Cooperation & Mutual-benefits; dedicated to the creation of customer values, and to the advancement of industry technology.


  • GMD Wheel Grit
    GMD diamond wheel grit is manufactured from high purity raw material, and through strict sorting procedures. The GMD series comprises nine grades for various applications....

  • GMD650 is the most regular hex-octahedron diamond among GMD series. Featured with outstanding transparency, purity, thermal stability, and toughness, it is suitable for tools that exposed to intensive impact and require good uniformity & surface finishing of workpieces, such as: cutting & grinding tools for zirconia ceramic & SiC.
  • GRD Wheel Grit
    The GRD series diamond wheel grit comprises two types of crystals: mono-crystal and multi-crystal....

  • GRD60 is relatively blocky multi-crystal shape, with higher toughness than GRD40. It has very high sharpness and excellent self-sharpening ability, making it well fit for high efficiency and large contact area applications.
  • GMP Polishing Grit
    GMP is CR GEMS’ diamond micro powder manufactured from high quality raw material, through advanced size separation, strictest cleaning treatment and comprehensive quality control procedures....

  • GMP4 is crushed from multi-crystal diamonds. It is grey colored and blocky shaped, has excellent dispersing and self-sharpening abilities, meanwhile extremely narrow PSD (particle size distribution). It's widely applied in resin & metal bond tools, for processing crystals, optical glasses, silicon wafer, etc.
  • GMT Triangle Diamond
    The GMT series triangle diamond is characterized with octahedral crystal shape, with eight faces, sharp edges and sharp points. Meanwhile, GMT diamond has high purity, very low magnetism...

  • GMT-5 triangle diamond’s consistent quality and excellent performance has been highly recognized by customers.