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 As one of the leading global innovators of filtration solutions, Cobetter focuses on membrane technology application and R&D. In addition, we are dedicated to supplying filtration, separation, and purification solutions across all industries worldwide.
 Cobetter is a technology-driven company that is committed to R&D and innovative filtration solutions. Our R&D department, leaded by 10 overseas technical experts and 100 domestic engineers, is committed to producing microporous membranes, nano-fibers, and tangential flow filtration membrane cassettes with over 1200 products and 100 patented technologies. Cobetter has developed a full product range composed of core materials with unique performance capabilities. 


  • Chemphobic™ Ultrapure Chemical Filter
    Cobetter Chemphobic™ Filter Series are especially designed and ideally suited for hiht temperature and corrosive chemicals including hot H2SO4,H3PO4,HNO3,SPM,SC1,and SC2....

  • Application:


    Wet etch and clean

    Bulk chemicals

  • Novacon Ultra High Precision Chemical Filter
    Cobetter Novacon Series are especially designed for acids ,bases and other process chemicals as a cost-effective alternative for wet etch and clean applications where low temperature is required....

  • High retention efficiency,flow rates and surface area allow for a rapid operation.


    Process:Wet etch and cleans 

    Installation Point:Point of Tool

    Low tempertature processes(<70℃)

    Chemistry:Dilute acids(such as BOE/DHF/SC2)

    Dilute bases(Such as SC1/TMAH);DIW

  • Cobetter Nylonpolar Solvent Purifier
    Nylonpolar Solvent Purifiers are specifically designed for the removal of metal contaminants from various base solvents and resin solvent mixtures. ...

  • It is well-suited for use with raw meterial used in the production of photoresists and for ultra high purity solvent applications.


    1)Most organic solvents used in semiconductor manufacturing

    2)Raw materials(resin,polymer solutions,etc.) used in photo-chemical manufacturing

    3)Bulk and point-of-use filtration

  • Photopex™ UPE Nano Level Filter
    With retention ratings from 1nm to 5μm,Cobetter Photopex™ UPE Filter Cartridges ensure excellent retention capabilities,cleanliness and high chemical compatibility to meet the critical demands in semiconductor processes....

  • Application

    1)Photoresist Filtration

    2)Solvent Filtration

    3)Photochemical Filtration

    4)Wet Clean


    1)Hiher Efficiency

    2) Higher Chemical Compatibility

    3) Better Initial Cleanliness

    4) Ultra-low Metal and Organic Extractables

  • Gasfender Ultra-pure Gas Cartridge Filter
    Gasfender is constructed of electronic-grade stainless steel.It is specially designed for the inline gas filtration in the semiconductor process at high temperatures and pressures....

  • Features

    1)Cleanest 316L stainless steel with internal electro-polished

    2) High efficency PTFE membrane

    3) Precise fine filtration @0.003μm

    4)A wide range of size to meet all customer requirement

    5) High flow rates& low pressure drops

    6) 100% helium leak test

    7)  100% integrity tested

    8)  Easy to installation

    9)  Cleanroom manufactured and packaged