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TSI offers a comprehensive line of advanced aerosol instrumentation to measure and control contaminants in cleanroom applications. TSI’s offering includes the AEROTRAK™ Handheld, Portable and Remote Particle Counters, as well as Facility Monitoring Systems. 

In addition, we have Service Centers located throughout the world. Visit www.tsi.com for more information.


    AeroTrak+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters - for decreased risk and operational costs related to waste, downtime, and redeployment - with minimal maintenance....

  • Introducing AeroTrak®+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters (APCs)—offering cleanroom professionals top-notch reliability and no-hassle operation. They're designed to cover a wide range of particle sizes to meet the needs of your clean manufacturing environment. Rapid setup and ease of operation make them top-choice for saving time during installation while ensuring reliable measurements over the life of your clean facility. Typical applications include, but not limited to, pharmaceuticalelectronicssemiconductor, and industrial manufacturing.


    • Reliable second-by-second sampling
      • Minimizes product risk-waste
      • Reduces manufacturing costs
      • Detects adverse trends to enable instant proactive response—before the end of the sample period
      • Instantly alarms upon excursion
    • Simple installation options with power over Ethernet
    • Wireless enabled to ease installation and flexible manufacturing
    • Easy, rapid setup (all models) or relocation (6000 Series models) to save time and money
    • Reliable laser technology backed by industry-best 5 year warranty


    • 7000 Series—for facilities with external vacuum systems
    • 6000 Series—for facilities without external vacuum systems or where retrofitting a flexible clean facility is not feasible
    Extremely low false-count rate provides accurate 10 nm measurements at low particle concentrations to confidently monitor mini-environments and process gases—keeping manufactured products safe from nanoparticle contamination....

  • The AeroTrak® Cleanroom Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) Model 9001 is the only water-based, laminar flow, high flow rate instrument on the market—providing the confidence needed for monitoring critical environments. Using patented technology, the instrument provides 10 nm sensitivity at a 0.1 CFM (2.83 L/min) flow rate. With an ultra-low false count rate, the AeroTrak 9001 Cleanroom CPC is ideally suited for the low particle concentrations found in ISO Class 1 and Class 2 environments.


    • Tracking down nano-scale particle contamination sources (10 nm < 100 nm)
    • Process improvement
    • Monitoring clean areas
    • Looking for filter leaks
    • Conducting indoor air quality investigations
    OPC UA Client/Server certified to monitor particle counts and other environmental parameters—makes great business sense in order to reduce waste, improve yield, improve quality and increase profits....

  • TSI's FMS system is an advanced, reliable, and user-friendly monitoring software suite that features a truly distributed architecture. High availability databases and hot standby system failover functionality assures compliance and peace of mind. Standard inputs include: airborne particle counters (multiple manufacturers supported), temperature/humidity, differential pressures, air velocity and digital inputs. Any device that has a linear analog output can be integrated into FMS including:


    • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Monitoring
    • Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drive Cleanroom Monitoring
    • Medical Device 
    • Hospital Pharmacies
    • In-Vitro Fertilization Facilities
    • EU Tissue and Cell Directive 
    • Aerospace
    • Data Centers
    • Operating Theaters
    • Compounding Pharmacies
    The most versatile of TSI Particle Counters, AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counters are designed to save time and money. They provide efficient continuous, real-time monitoring of a cleanroom....

  • The most versatile of TSI Particle Counters, AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counters are designed to save time and money. They provide efficient continuous, real-time monitoring of a cleanroom. The built-in global regulatory guidance and international standards allow for easy compliance to ISO-14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1, and FS209E. This makes certifying or spot-checking cleanroom environments simple.

    TSI AeroTrak Portable Particle Counters include:

    • Easy-to-use interface guides users through the classification process
    • High flow rate options permit sampling of a large volume of air for analysis
    • Multiple data viewing/reporting options include:
      - On-screen
      - Download, using TSI TrakPro™ Lite Secure Software
      - Print, from built-in printer

    All TSI Portable Particle Counters are:

    • ISO 21501-4 compliant
    • Capable of operating as standalone instruments
    • Capable of operating in conjunction with a facility monitoring system, including TSI FMS Software