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Do you know where your durables are / were / will be? We do.

iCADA is a leading provider of high quality software not only for the semiconductor industry. We provide sophisticated and state of the art software and consulting services for our customers. Our material management solutions help our customers to increase performance, security and efficiency in the manufacturing process, and reduce the risk of misproduction and human errors to a minimum. This can give your company a significant competitive advantage in this highly capital intensive arena.

Software company

  • Founded in 1999
  • Headquarter in Ludwigshafen, Germany

Core Knowledge

  • Semiconductor Process Automation and Integration
  • Lithography, Metrology and Materials Management

Main Products

  • Reticle / Photomask Management
  • Life Cycle Tracking for Probe Card and Test Sockets
  • Inspection Management
  • Generic Durables Management (like for adapters, magazines, saw blades and more)

Worldwide Customer Support

  • Asia: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan
  • Europe: Germany (HQ)
  • North America: East, Central, West


  • Reticle Management System - RTCL
    Manage the entire life cycle of your reticles!...

  • RTCL – Features

    • Best result of haze control and crystal growth control for reticles of any kind.
    • “Smart qual strategy management” triggers inspection and cleaning cycles ahead of time.
    • Reliable recipe selection prevents reticle damage on inspection tools.
    • Fast recipe management optimizes inspection time and quality.
    • Track all reticle movements in histories and ensure no more lost reticles.
    • Enable users to prepare for coming WIP ahead of time.
    • Integration with MES/CIM and WIP dispatcher / scheduler.
    • Integration of all major mask houses to simplify the overview of your orders.
    • Centralized Business Rules for Reticles.
    • Workflows and status models can be changed quickly and easily.
    • Stocker integration to enable homogeneous operation.
    • Ready to use, field proven turnkey solution.
  • Durables Management System - DRBL
    Manage the entire life cycle of your durables!...

  • DRBL – Features

    • Tracking of your durables history for the entire life cycle and in one place.
    • Flexible durables setup includes capabilities for configuration.
    • Define and maintain all your rules for the entire durables life cycle in a single place.
    • All durables are tracked in histories which ensures no more lost durables.
    • Prepare testers for coming WIP ahead of time.
    • Schedules maintenance (PMs) for durables ahead of time, e. g. based on WIP.
    • RFID integration for effective tracking of your durables.
    • Centralized Business Rules for durables.
    • Workflows and status models can be changed quickly and easily.
  • Probe Card Management - PCRD
    Manage the entire life cycle of your probe cards, sockets and other durable types in wafer test!...

  • PCRD – Features

    • Centralized storage of all probe card related data.
    • Cleaning and inspection cycles management based on usage count and/or last inspection timer.
    • Centralized Business Rules for probe cards.
    • Workflows and status models can be changed quickly and easily.
    • Track all probe card movements (equipment mounting, rack check-in/-out, etc.) in histories.
    • Provide reports with next needed probe cards and available testers to the user.
    • Integration with MES/CIM and WIP dispatcher / scheduler.
    • Tool parameter tracking to support your maintenance engineers.
    • Schedule maintenance (PMs) for probe cards ahead of time, e. g. based on WIP.
  • Inspection Management for Reticles - INSP
    Reticle defects tracking & analysis...

  • INSP – Features

    • Review data from different data sources in one single system with consistent criteria.
    • Highly parallel, automated defect analysis.
    • Compare pattern defects on wafer and reticle.
    • Signature and adder comparison to previous scans.
    • Monitor specific defects.
    • Defect signature detection (e. g. pellicle frame shadow, false readings).
    • Perform equipment specific defect transformations (size binning, position, …).
    • Inspection result data correction based on “golden” results.
    • Check printability again only if a defect had changed.