COMA Technology

Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 
Korea (South)
  • 小間番号2232

COMA Technology makes precise semiconductor parts

COMA Technology Co., Ltd., since its inception in January 2013 starting with manufacture and lapping/polishing of parts of sapphire and ceramic, has grown up to be a specialized company in parts and materials of various high functional sapphire and ceramic for semiconductor, display, defense and medical industry machines, etc.

Especially in manufacture of industrial sapphire parts COMA has the top level of machining, lapping, polishing and surface finish technology in Korea and through incessant R&D investment it continues to newly bring out such matchless unique technologies as bonding, micro machining, etc.

COMA Technology Co., Ltd., without resting on our present achievements, will be prepared for the new era through development of new materials and parts, development of new products for cost reduction and yield enhancement, diversification of exports, and innovative creation of markets which haven't existed so far, etc. and fulfill social responsibility to become an everlasting company, contributing to making the world of abundance, the world good to live in and the world where all can live well together. Your deep interest and encouragement will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!