White Knight Fluid Handling

Kamas,  UT 
United States
  • 小間番号3953

Let the Chemical Pump Leader produce and protect your wafer.

White Knight Fluid Handling is the industry Chemical Pump Leader. Our quality products are designed specifically for application and industry requirements, making us the clear choice for your process. A Japanese Regional Sales Manager resides in Japan and is always available to support your specific needs.

White Knight offers PTFE pumps with flow rates ranging from 100ml/min to 140l/m with continuos operation. When used in a closed loop system, White Knight Bellows Pumps offer flow characteristics equal to centrifugal pumps, without the need for expensive cooling systems. Pumps are available to handle fluid temperatures up to 210C, and pressures up to 7 Bar.

White Knight Metering pumps are available with manifolded outlets, allowing for a single pump to dispense to multiple locations. They also offer repeatability of +/- 0.1%  of full scale.

A High Pressure Pump is also available which is capable of generating 40 bar liquid pressure, at up to 60ml/min.

White Knight also offers Pressure Vessels, Filter Housings, and Pressure Regulators, and we are constantly expanding our product offerings to better suit your needs.