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Efab is a provider of new and used manufacturing equipment for Compound semiconductor, Solar/PV and Flat Panel Display industries.  We provide manufacturing, test and assembly equipment. Efab provides Sales and Service representation for equipment manufactured by some of the most leading edge companies in the world.  Our used equipment re-marketing services are designed to help you manage your capital equipment assets and find the equipment you need to improve your profitability at affordable prices and without long OEM lead times. Efab also provides new and remanufactured spare parts for most MOCVD reactors.  Our spare parts meet or exceed the original OEM specifications and can significantly reduce you Cost of Operations.

Additionally, Efab is a web based, B2B marketing tool which you can use to re-market your surplus technologies. Surplus inventories and processing tools have value. And, you can easily realize a return on your surplus investment without accepting pennies on the dollar. Contact Efab today to assist you with managing your surplus inventories.