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Active Vibration isolation, and Active EMI cancellation

IDE- アクティブ除振システム、ステージ専用アクティブアクティブ除振システム、磁場キャンセラーテクノロジー


  • Leveraging the strength of IDE (Integrated Dynamics Engineering) along with its partners Mogema, Lamers High Tech Systems and Pneutec, all within the Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics Group, opens extended opportunities to better serve customer demands for current technologies and beyond.

    Combined competencies and technologies are now bundled in this unique group.

    These include:

    • Vibration Isolation
    • Dynamic Analysis and Modeling
    • Wafer and Mask Handling
    • Equipment Automation
    • Precision Mechanics
    • Large Frames and Vacuum Chambers
    • High Purity Gas Systems
    • Fluid Technology
    • Mechatronics and System Integration

    All these are enabling the development and manufacturing of qualified modules and tool platforms for the semiconductor market, all metrology process and lithography equipment.

    The modules and platforms will allow customers to select technologies for their specific application, along with components from other suppliers, employing the best technologies available on the market, to be combined in a customized and qualified module, that is fully functional and delivered ready for seamless integration in customer equipments.

    With these modules and platforms, customers gain the advantage of full lifecycle product support, including the development, manufacturing and sustaining phase.

    Customers benefit from a single contact communication interface within Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics by group level key account structures, significantly reducing the time and effort to manage the supply chain.

    Employing IDE’s unique skills in analyzing and optimizing structural system dynamics, customers benefit from unbiased system performance, for the next level of equipment throughput, productivity and reliability.

  • Raunheim, Germany – Recently, the world record for achieving a 40.5 pm spatial high resolution on a sensitive JEOL scanning transmission electron microscope was achieved during daytime in the Institute of Engineering Innovation at Tokyo University, Japan.
    Normally, this procedure is only attempted at night when the surrounding environment is at its quietest, with no traffic, people, or machinery moving about.
    To achieve their goal, the Japanese team of scientists enhanced their scanning transmission electron JEOL microscope with a fifth-order aberration corrector that operated at 300 kV. The results in daylight shattered all records -- with a 40.5 pm spatial resolution never previously achieved in the fields of STEM and TEM technology.

    Providing the fail-safe vibration isolation required on the sophisticated JEOL instrument - especially in daytime - was the highly advanced TCN300XNL system. This vibration isolation system was developed and installed by Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE), a world leader for over 25 years in vibration control.
    The TCN300XNL provides low noise active floor vibration isolation at top performance levels. Among its many features are the lowest achievable residual floor vibration levels, high performance sensor signal resolution, an advanced FFF control algorithm, and low magnetic stray field.
    “IDE is extremely proud of being able to make this world record possible at Tokyo University through the use of our TCN300XNL vibration isolation system on their record-breaking microscope,” commented Roland Kappel, Director of Product Development at IDE in Germany.
    JEOL has been an avid client and collaborator with IDE for decades.
    For more technical information please refer to the JEOL Website.

  • IDE’s ATAN active vibration isolation modules considered the ideal solution for high-throughput semiconductor manufacturing and metrology equipment.
    Continuing a decades-long tradition of developing innovative active vibration isolation solutions for the global semiconductor and metrology industries, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) is now highlighting its state-of-the-art series, ATAN - a hybrid suite of active vibration isolation modules. These have been engineered to accommodate a broad range of stage mass acceleration and payload capacities.

    ATAN active vibration isolation modules
    This new series of ATAN modules is yet another example of IDE’s dedication to providing extraordinary, highly flexible isolators that meet, or even exceed, the demands of today’s ever-expanding global OEM applications.
    The ATAN active vibration isolation solution incorporates a complex hybrid isolation technology which provides outstanding floor vibration control and an order of magnitude improvement for stage settling times. Typical settling performance achieved has been below 50 msec for today’s 2G + stages.
    Currently, there are three size/capacity isolator options in the series: ATAN 500 - 2000 kg up to 6000 kg; ATAN 300 - 1000 kg up to 2500 kg; and ATAN 100 - 600 kg up to 1800 kg.
    According to Roland Kappel, IDE Director of Environmental Product Development “Our new ATAN modules are a primary example of IDE never losing its focus on global semiconductor manufacturing. IDE continues to develop unique vibration isolation solutions that make optimum results readily achievable in fabs worldwide.”


  • MK-5
    The latest advance in EMI compensation...

  • Probe placement at the point of measurement without interference effects

    Greatest EMI field reduction over the broadest control bandwidth 

    Lowest noise in the industry 

    Flexible installation options include in-wall, wall mount or sleek styled cage 

    Since IDE pioneered the first commercially available active compensation system for electromagnetic stray fields, we have stayed ahead of the competition in delivering the most advanced solutions for electron microscopy needs. Already the gold standard in performance, now, IDE’s fifth generation MK product takes the technology to a new level.

  • STC Series
    Active Vibration Platform...

    • Sandwich style isolation platform
    • Hybrid design incorporates stiff steel springs providing excellent performance at higher frequency disturbances
    • Compact design with integrated controller enables easy installation and tuning
    • Ultra-fast settling time
    • Stage and floor feed-forward options