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WITec offers the most advanced 3D Imaging and Analysis Technology of organic and inorganic substances with Chemical and physical properties with a submicron spatial resolution :
•    Identification of organic and inorganic substance
•    Physical properties, like:
•    Failure due to thermal damage
•    Stress and polytype distribution
•    Density or hardness variance
•    Cristalinity
•    Molecular orientation (polarization Raman)
•    Topographic and chemical imaging (True Surface + Raman)
•    High resolution topography and chemical imaging (AFM +Raman)
•    Photoluminesece (PL) and Raman in one system

WITec can help to identify and prevent processing defects! When faced with quality issues, defects, or failure analysis of silicon wafers, WITec’s Raman solutions should be one of the first techniques applied to identify and characterize the strain and to classify its severity.