Sino Nitride Semiconductor

Dongguan City,  Guangdong 
  • 小間番号4207

The first dedicated manufacturer of GaN substrate in China.

Our warmest welcome to Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co. Ltd. at Semicon Japan 2019!

Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. (SNS) is striving to become the world class GaN materials supplier that can fuels the growth of power devices, microwave communication chips, and Micro LED display.
Established in 2009, SNS is the first dedicated manufacturer of gallium nitride substrate in China. Affiliated with Wide Band Gap Research Center of Peking University, the company has the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dongguan. Throughout the years, the SNS has evolved to have over 100 employees.
SNS uses its in-house designed vertical HVPE systems to produce the Free-Standing GaN and GaN on sapphire substrates. In addition to the GaN materials, SNS incorporates the automated MOCVD, LLO, and CMP tools to provide the epitaxial services for customers that need HEMT or vertical structured N-type devices. Both 2" and 4" FS GaN with low dislocation density are in volume production. The 6" GaN on sapphire is available. 


  • Free-standing GaN Substrates
    Main Products: Free-standing GaN Substrates, GaN/ Al2O3 Substrates Size: Square& 2"& 4" &6"...

  • Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co., Ltd conducts research, development and production on the following products by creatively integrating MOCVD technology, Laser Lift-Off technology and HVPE technology:

    (1) GaN semiconductor substrate materials, including GaN substrate, GaN/AlO composite substrate, patterned sapphire substrate;

    (2) Equipment used to produce the above products, such as Laser Lift-Off equipment, HVPE equipment, etc.