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Full Family of Innovative Ion Implant Solutions

Axcelis is dedicated to developing enabling process applications through the design, manufacture and complete life cycle support of ion implantation systems, one of the most critical and enabling steps in the IC manufacturing process. Axcelis has been providing innovative, high-productivity solutions for the semiconductor industry for over 40 years. 

At Axcelis, we have a single goal: to help semiconductor manufacturers achieve the highest quality and yield, with the lowest cost of ownership. We deliver on that goal with ion implant platforms based on unique enabling technologies that provide unmatched purity, precision and productivity. The result: competitive advantage for our customers—and rapid growth for Axcelis.

At Axcelis, we understand that different semiconductor applications pose their own unique ion implantation challenges. We combine industry-leading technical expertise in fab process optimization with the most advanced ion implant technologies to deliver practical solutions tailored to the specialized needs of distinct market segments, including power devices, image sensors, mature process technology, memory and logic devices.

The Company will showcase its complete family of  Purion™ and GSD Ovation™ Series of ion implanters at the SEMICON Japan 2022 show.


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  • Purion H
    High Current Ion Implanter...

  • Purion H ion implanters bring the industry-leading process control of our medium current platforms to the full range of demanding, high-current applications. The flexibility of the platform enables us to tailor Purion H to the specific energy or dosing requirements of your application. The Purion H offers unmatched versatility, throughput and uniformity, so you can achieve greater yield with the lowest cost of ownership.

    The Purion high current products are built from three device enabling Purion lines:

    • Purion H—covering traditional energy and dose application space.  For general high current applications.
    • Purion Dragon—a high performance platform that excels in Purity, Precision and Productivity.  Targeted for leading-edge applications, especially in low energy high dose.  
    • Purion H200—the newest product line in the Purion Platform.  Purion H200 offers high energy, high current capability targeting the power device market.

    The Purion high current product line offers unmatched Purity, Precision and Productivity, so you can achieve greater yield with the lowest cost of ownership.

  • Purion XE Series
    High Energy Ion Implanter...

  • Our Purion XE series of ion implanters have rapidly earned a reputation as the industry standard for today’s demanding high energy recipes. Their unique RF Linear Accelerator (LINAC) technology offers higher reliability, a wider energy range and greater productivity than competing platforms, with superior metals contamination control.

    The Purion High Energy Series includes a variety of implanters, allowing you to select the optimal energy level for your application:

    • Purion XE—12-stage LINAC with energies up to 4.5 MeV
    • Purion EXE—12-stage LINAC with higher energy than Purion XE up to 5.25 MeV
    • Purion VXE—14-stage LINAC with energy booster, delivering energies up to 8 MeV
    • Purion XEmax—Dual LINAC design with patented Boost TechnologyTM for the highest energies up to 15 MeV
    • Purion XE Power Series—XE and EXE models designed for high volume power devices aluminum implantation, 150mm SiC wafer handling or 200mm thin Si wafer handling
  • Purion M
    Medium Current Ion Implanter...

  • Our Purion M ion implanters offer the broadest spectrum of mid-current doses available, offering unparalleled flexibility to meet today’s evolving implant requirements. With high energy capability far beyond competitive implanters, the Purion M is ideal for fabs at higher elevations or those dealing with heavy mass species. Yet it’s 20% more energy efficient than competing platforms, contributing the industry’s lowest cost of ownership.
  • Purion Power Series - Si & SiC substrates
    Ion Implantation Solutions...

  • The Company’s Purion Power Series was designed to meet the growing market demand for the power device market. The Purion Power Series was developed with enabling technology to specifically address the unique needs of emerging power device applications.  This includes the flexibility to handle multiple wafer sizes from 150mm to 300mm as well as various substrates including Si and SiC, along with its precision wafer temperature control technology, all accomplished while delivering the industry’s highest throughput and capital efficiency. The product line includes the Purion M Power Series™ for medium current, the Purion H Power Series™ and Purion H200 Power Series™ for high current and the Purion XE Power Series™ for high energy.

  • GSD Ovation
    High Current and High Energy Ion Implanters...

  • The GSD platform is the industry benchmark for the longest manufactured and supported batch ion implanter. The Ovation™ is the latest batch configuration designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing fleet of Axcelis batch implanters, while providing incremental performance improvements with updated components for long-term sustainability. The Ovation extends the GSD series platform’s production relevance into the future while delivering the highest reliability, serviceability and lowest cost of operations.