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Welcome to ASUNG CLEAN FLOW-TEHC Co, Ltd. #1347!

 ASUNG CLEAN FLOW-TECH Co., Ltd. is the leading company of plastic valve and piping products since its foundation in 1967 which has been leading development in the field of domestic plastic pipe.

 With the technologies, accumulated based on the business actions taken and research & development conducted by the company up to now, we developed various products using materials of U-PVC, C-PVC, Clean-PVC, HT-PVC, PP and PVDF, and have been supplied the quality products to the whole business fields throughout the chemical industries and semiconductor production fields, such as the petrochemical industry, water treatment industry and chemical industry fields, etc.

 Our company's excellent technology prowess is widely recognized in the global market as well as in Korea as we export a variety of products to Asia and North & South America. Moreover, we plan to embark on full-fledged overseas marketing by participating in numerous exhibitions and fairs being held all over the world as we carry out introducing excellent quality products with the technical capabilities and promoting our products consistently in order to be the best plastic valve manufacturing company.



 Press Releases

  • The Ansan municipality dispatched the export market exploration delegation, composed of seven local SMEs, to Australia and New Zealand for eight days from December 9, and the delegation made outstanding achievements holding export consulting with local companies there (business worth $6,759,000) and signing export contracts worth $2,009,000.

    The seven companies including Asung Plastic Valve participated in the delegation. Australia has a big buying power. It is the world's 12th largest economy as of 2012 and its per capita income is $67,000, which is the 5th in the world. New Zealand has the world's 60th largest trading volume (as of 2013, source: WTO). Australia and New Zealand have depended on Chinese products which have very high price competitiveness, but the FTAs made them more attractive markets where Korean IT products and related technologies can find good opportunities for sales.

    Ansan will dispatch the export market exploration delegation to India next month, Russia in October and China in November. Park Bu-ok, the head of Business Support Department at the Ansan municipality said "We will follow up on the achievement of the delegation and support the promotion of business deals."

  • Asung Plastic Valve (Representative Director Kim Hyung-soo), a plastic valve and pipe materials manufacturer, said that it has successfully developed an ultra-large PP swing check valve (250A).

    Asung Plastic Valve is the first company in the world to develop a 250 A swing check valve which is bigger than the existing 200A valves, and it said the 250A valve passed all quality tests and launched in the market.

    The 250A valve meets growing market demands for bigger-sized valves, and Asung Plastic Valve expects it would prove to be an effective fluid control solution in various industries.

    An official of Asung Plastic Valve said "No other foreign companies, including those even in Japan, have not been able to develop bigger-sized valves. Therefore, Asung Plastic Valve will be able to provide distinct services to consumers, and secure strong competitiveness in the valve and water treatment industry at home and abroad."

    In addition, Asung Plastic Valve is currently developing a PP butterfly valve(600A), which can control greater volume of fluid than the existing butterfly valve(500A), for the first time in Korea and is planning to launch 600A valve before the end of this year.

    Kim Hyung-soo, Representative Director of Asung Plastic Valve, said "Asung Plastic Valve will secure global competitiveness beyond Korea, drawing on this newly developed product and technological excellence, and become a global plastic valve manufacturer. We will actively attend and promote our products at various exhibitions at home and abroad and, by doing so, we will achieve continuous growth in overseas sales."

    Since its foundation in 1967, Asung Plastic Valve has developed a variety of materials for plastic valves and pipes, U-PVC, C-PVC(HT-PVC), PP, PVDF, Clean PVC (clean flow) for semiconductor, C-PVC(FLAMBLOCK) for firefighting, etc. It exports products across the world, including Japan, China, Australia, Southeast Asia and Latin America.



  • The government of South Chungcheong province designated 37 local companies which have big growth potential as promising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The provincial government will implement various support measures to these 37 companies to grow into big businesses. Promising SMEs were chosen based on the evaluation criteria of the soundness of financial structure, the level of technology and quality management, contribution to local economic development and technology innovation, and job creation and export performance.

    For the next six years, these companies can get 1% additional cut in interest rate (3% in total) when they take the 'SME management stabilization loan.' They can also be preferentially provided support for creating sales routes in the domestic and overseas markets and technology and credit guarantee provided in joint with government agencies supporting SMEs. South Chungcheong province has designated a total of 442 local companies as promising SMEs since 1997. This year, the following companies were designated as promising SMEs.



  • Asung Plastic Valve (Representative Director Kim Hyung-soo) said it successfully developed 'Butterfly Valve 600A' for the first time in Korea. According to sources in the industry, Asung Plastic Valve had also developed ultra-large Swing Check Valve 250A in April for the first time in the world. With the development of Butterfly Valve 600A, Asung Plastic Valve further consolidated its leading position in the industry.

    Asung Plastic Valve was designated as one of businesses to receive R&D support from Korea Industrial Complex Corporation. This 600A valve can control more fluid than the existing Butterfly Valve 500A and is expected to provide an effective fluid control solution for waste water treatment and water treatment.

    Asung Plastic Valve has attended over 100 major international exhibitions of water treatment and semiconductor in order to promote its advanced valve products such as Butterfly Valve 600A and R&D results and has improved brand awareness in the overseas markets.

  • Asung Plastic Valve (Representative Director Kim Hyung-soo), a plastic valve and pipe materials manufacturer, has expanded business through continuous product development and has maintained the leading position in the industry.

    Since its foundation in 1967, Asung Plastic Valve has developed plastic valve and pipe made of a variety of materials with its own technologies. Currently, it produces valves, pipes and fittings made of PVC, PP, C-PVC for firefighting and industrial uses, PVDF, clean PVC for semiconductor, etc. and its outstanding product quality is recognized in overseas markets including Japan, China, Australia, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

    Recently, Asung Plastic Valve was named as one of the "Promising Small & Medium-sized Enterprises in Kyeonggi province" in recognition of its business management and accumulated technological excellence. The "Promising SMEs Certificate" granted by the government of Kyeonggi province is aimed at certifying outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises based in the province, which strive to improve corporate competitiveness and contribute to the development of the local economy. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the certificate.

    In addition, Asung Plastic Valve successfully developed 200A-sized butterfly valve lever type, exceeding the limit of 150A for the first time in Korea, and the new 200A product will soon be launched in the market. Butterfly valve LEVER TYPE 200A is drawing attention of the industry as it is expected to become an effective fluid control solution.

    As the Firefighting Management Act was reinforced recently, the application scope of sprinkler pipes made of C-PVC has expanded. In response, A-Sung Plastic Valve Clean Flow-Tech which is a subsidiary of Asung Plastic Valve, expanded production facilities in order to cope with increasing demand and seized the opportunity to increase its market share on the back of increased production volume and shortened delivery time.

    Asung Plastic Valve has actively participated in overseas water treatment and semiconductor exhibitions in order to introduce its excellent product quality and R&D results to consumers in the overseas markets. Among international exhibitions that it has taken part in were International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Fair in Shanghai in August, ‘WEFTEC’ in the US in September and ‘Viet Water 2015' in Vietnam in November. In 2016, Asung Plastic Valve will attend 'SEMICON Korea' in January and 'SEMICON China' in March.

    An official of Asung Plastic Valve said “Going forward, we will continue to attend various international exhibitions in order to aggressively promote our outstanding products to overseas markets and become the leader of the valve and pipeline industry."

    More details about the products of Asung Plastic Valve are available on its website (




  • Ball valve
    Ball valve can control two way flow. ...

  • Material : U-PVC, C-PVC, Clean-PVC, HT-PVC, PP, PVDF

    Connection type : Flange, Thread

    Pressure Rating : JIS 10kg/cm2, 150 PSI

    • Full Bore Type
    • Being equiped with PTFE seat
  • Diaphragm valve
    Diaphragm valve can control flow by up-and-down working system. ...

  • Material : U-PVC, C-PVC, Clean-PVC, HT-PVC, PP, PVDF

    Conntection type : Flange, Thread

    Pressure Rating : JIS 10kg/cm2, 150 PSI

    Diaphragm : EPDM, FPM, EPDM + PTFE, EPDM + PVDF + PTFE

  • Buttertfly valve
    Butterfly valve can be installed in the narrow part. ...

  • Material : Body/Disc

                     PP/PP, PP/C-PVC, PP/PVDF, PVDF/PVDF, PP/CLEAN PVC

    Connections : ANSI 150 PSI, JIS 10kg/cm2

    Pressure Rating : JIS 10kg/cm2, 150 PSI

    Size : 40mm - 150mm, 1 1/2" - 6" : Lever type

              40mm - 600mm, 1 1/2" - 24" : Gear box

  • Pipe & fitting
    They have been supplied to the whole business fields throughout the heavy chemical industries and semiconductor production fields. ...

  • Material : U-PVC, C-PVC, Clean-PVC, HT-PVC, PP, PVDF


    • Semi-conductor and LCD equipment; Water purification and waste treatment; Construction
    • Paper industry; Power plant; Seawater desalination; Chemical etc/


    • U-PVC : 15A - 200A
    • PP : 15A - 300A
    • C-PVC : 15A - 200A
    • HT-PVC : 15A - 100A
    • CLEAN PVC : 15A - 200A
    • PVDF : 15A - 100A
    • Firefighting C-PVC : 15A - 200A