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B&R introduce a smart tool for the semicon industry

Perfection in Automation

 The pioneering spirit of company founders Erwin Bernecker and Josef Rainer, together with the vision of accomplishing something exceptional for the automation industry, still influences the company's strategy today.
This conviction led to the establishment of the first international subsidiaries in 1983. Entrepreneurial courage, along with remarkable foresight, allowed B&R to prosper into an international company within the last quarter of a century.
 Excellent intuition regarding market developments and trends, combined with the ambition to offer high-tech solutions that benefit customers, has allowed B&R to become an industry leader in innovation and technology.
 B&R is set for steady growth in the coming years and ready to expand its leading position in the international marketplace.

We offer our customers an integrated automation solution from a single source: no unnecessary interfaces, maximum flexibility and exceptional profitability.


 Press Releases

  • (Dec 20, 2015)
    Press release
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    Corporate Communications
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    B&R Industrial Automation
    B&R-Strasse 1, 5142 Eggelsberg, Austria
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    Web-based HMI made easy
    mapp View: where web meets automation
    With mapp View, B&R now offers direct access to the wide world of web technology right from the engineering
    environment. For the first time, automation engineers have all the tools they need to create powerful and
    intuitive HMI solutions – and they don't have to know HTML5, CSS and JavaScript do to it.
    mapp View relies 100% on web standards to ensure content can be viewed optimally on any output device
    or even customized for specific users or user groups.
    Working in a familiar environment
    What makes mapp View unique is the way it integrates web technology right into the engineering environment.
    While mapp View is built on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, automation programmers never need to
    deal with these languages.
    Reusable elements
    All GUI functionality is encapsulated in modular control elements called widgets, which are simply dragged
    and dropped into place and configured. Since content and layout are separated, designs can be adjusted at
    any time or even used on other machines.
    Automation engineers have all the tools they need to create powerful and intuitive HMI solutions.
    About B&R
    B&R is a privately owned company with headquarters in Austria and offices all around the world. As a global leader in industrial automation,
    B&R combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced engineering to provide customers in virtually every industry with complete
    solutions for machine and process automation, motion control, HMI and integrated safety technology. With industrial fieldbus communication
    standards like POWERLINK and openSAFETY as well as the powerful Automation Studio software development environment,
    B&R is constantly redefining the future of automation engineering. The innovative spirit that keeps B&R at the forefront of industrial
    automation is driven by a commitment to simplifying processes and exceeding customer expectations.
    For more information, visit www.br-automation.com.
  • B&R supports OPC Foundation's real-time working groups OPC UA to expand its scope of applications B&R will be supporting the OPC Foundation's new working groups, whose goal is to add real-time capability to the OPC UA communication standard. This will involve two key additions to the OPC UA standard. The first is a publisher-subscriber model; the other is utilization of the IEEE 802.1 standard for time-sensitive networking (TSN). B&R will be contributing its real-time expertise to the working groups. "The updates to the OPC UA standard will benefit from our years of experience in developing real-time solutions," says Stefan Schönegger, marketing manager at B&R. Higher speeds OPC UA already features a familiar client-server architecture. The publisher-subscriber model will add oneto- many and many-to-many communication that will have decisive benefits for communication speed in large distributed systems. "This is a fundamental requirement for the M2M communication you find in integrated systems such as packaging lines," explains Schönegger. POWERLINK is also based on this same architecture. Real-time capability for the OPC UA standard In order to fulfill real-time requirements, the OPC UA standard will make use of the IEEE 802.1 TSN standard. "At the moment, TSN is still a working title for a group of new IEEE standards designed to provide native real-time capability for the IEEE 802 Ethernet standard," says Schönegger. This would allow for a seamless transition to substantially faster Ethernet standards such as POWERLINK for field-level communication and demanding motion control tasks. Beyond the automation industry, TSN is currently also being evaluated by the automotive and telecommunications industries. "The first cars based on TSN are expected to hit the market in the very near future," reports Schönegger. This would help secure the widespread availability of this technology. In addition to B&R, the new OPC working groups will be also supported by other leaders in the field of automation, as was announced by KUKA on April 13, 2015. Total package: OPC UA and POWERLINK OPC UA already plays a central role in the IT-related areas of modern production systems. "The addition of TSN and the publisher-subscriber model will greatly expand the range of potential OPC UA applications," says Schönegger. Paired with the open standards POWERLINK and openSAFETY, the result is a total package for safe and consistent Ethernet communication all the way down to the sensor level.
  • Web technology meets industrial automation B&R introduces the mapp View HMI solution at the SPS IPC Drives B&R will be taking advantage of this year's SPS IPC Drives to introduce its new HMI solution – mapp View – showcasing for the very first time the full potential of web technology in the Automation Studio software engineering environment. Other highlights on display at the B&R booth (Hall 7 / Booth 206) include a new generation of swing arm operator panels as well as innovative safety solutions involving intelligent light grids. With mapp View, B&R opens up a wealth of new possibilities for designing HMI applications. It gives automation engineers all the tools they need to create powerful and intuitive web-based HMI solutions – without requiring knowledge of HTML5, CSS or JavaScript. Armed for any application The Automation Panel 5000 represents a new generation of swing arm operator panels that raise the bar when it comes to flexibility and modularity. These fully enclosed systems feature IP65 protection and are available in many different variants. Secure remote maintenance Ultra-compact X20 controllers, secure remote maintenance technology and new operator terminals with a multi-touch user interface are just some of the additional highlights being presented. To round it all off, B&R will be introducing brand new safety concepts based on a network-integrated light grid.
  • Utilize braking energy effectively
    B&R expands its ACOPOS P3 servo drive series
    The new 2-axis modules from B&R's ACOPOS P3 series feed braking energy back into the mains. This function
    significantly improves the overall effectiveness of a machine. With just 500 watts of regenerative braking
    power, the function pays for itself in only a year.
    A prime candidate for this function are machine tools, whose headstock spindle drives generate large
    amounts of braking energy that would otherwise go unused. The function is also well suited for conveyor
    systems that move heavy loads vertically. Without power regeneration, not only would the braking energy go
    to waste, but the resulting heat would require additional cooling and consume even more power.
    Regenerative braking is implemented particularly efficiently in the new 2-axis modules from the ACOPOS P3
    series. One of the axes is configured as the feedback path to return excess power to the mains.
    Additional functions with ACOPOSmulti
    Like the new ACOPOS P3, the active power supply modules from the ACOPOSmulti series also support
    regenerative braking. These models also offer other helpful functions such as stabilization of the DC bus
    voltage and compensation of the reactive power.
  • EPSG는 SPS IPC Drive에서 광범위하며, 혁신적인 아이템을 선보였다.

    CODESYS를 사용한 POWERLINK 마스터 솔루션이 SPS IPC Drive에서 공개되었다.  BE.Services(산업용 자동화 S/W 및 임베디드 S/W 서비스 제공업체)는 POWERLINK가  IEC-61131개발 환경에 매우 간단하게 통합될 수 있는 방법을 POWERLINK 부스와 3S-스마트 소프트웨어 솔루션 부스에서 선보였다. 데이터로직의 openSAFETY를 탑재한 라이트커튼 또한 EPSG부스에서 주목해야할 사항이다. 이 솔루션을 사용하여 세이프티 응용기술의 핵심적인 비용절검을 달성 할 수 있다.

    다수의 제어시스템 제공업체는 그들의 컨트롤 개발환경으로 CODESYS를 사용한다. 장비제조업체들은 CODESYS를 사용하여 어플르케이션을 제작할때 실시간 POWERLINK 네트워크라는 혜텍을 누릴 수 있게 되었다. “전세계부터 POWERLINK의 통합에 대한 수요를 보았기 때문에 우리는 CODESYS에 POWERLINK를 통합을 추진하고 있습니다.”라고 BE.Services의 매니징디렉터인 Dimitri Philippe씨는 말한다.


    접근성이 용이하다.

    기술적인 이득을 빠르게 수용하는것을 보장하기 위해 접근성이 용이하다는 것은 절대적인 필요사항이다. 이것이 왜 CODESYS IEC 61131개발 환경과 POWERLINK플러그 인이 CODESYS 온라인 스토어에서 무료로 사용가능한 이유이다. POWERLINK의  커뮤니케이션 스택 또한 무료로 사용할 수 있다. POWERLINK는 개방형 프로토콜이므로, 통신스택은 소스포지의 오픈소스 플랫폼에서 무료로 다운받을 수 있다. BE.Services는 CODESYS에 대한 런타임시스템의 통합을 제공한다.

    좀더 안전하고, 낮은 비용투자

    Datalogic과 EPSG는  또한 실시간 POWERLINK 네트워크에 직접 연결되는  지능적인 openSAFETY를 라이트 커튼을 선보였다.상부에 위치한 openSAFETY를 프로토콜은 라이트 커튼을 위한 하드웨어 배선을 대체합니다. 고객은 일관되고 포괄적인 진단, 그들의 솔루션을 위한 간단한 구성과 새로운 디자인 가능성에 대한 혜택을 누릴 수 있게 된다.
    과거에 요구되어진던  추가 센서는 더 이상 필요하지 않으며, 추가적인  비용 절감을 제공한다. openSAFETY 라이트 커튼은 새로 개발된 프로파일을 기초로 균일화된 시장의 표준을 확립시킨다 . EPSG는SPS IPC Drive의 방문객들에게 이러한 프로파일을 소개했다.


  • Automation Studio
    Automation Studio 4 는 모든 산업에 걸쳐 최고의 통합된 자동화 소프트웨어입니다. 기계 및 시스템의 효율적이고 지속 가능한 소프트웨어 엔지니어링을 위해, Automation Studio는 시스템의 모든 측면을 최적화하기 위한 강력함과 다재다능함, 그리고 앞으로도 오랫동안 그 가치를 유지시켜 줄 개방성을 제공합니다. ...

  • Automation Studio 4는 기계 장비 시스템과 관련한 엔지니어링 분야에 있어 최고의 툴임을 자부한다. 소프트웨어 개발을 위한 안정적인 유지와 효율적인 접근을 통해 개발자의 프로그램 품질을 향상시킬 뿐만 아니라 개발 비용과 시장으로의 접근 시간을 감소시켜주고, 점점 더 복잡해지는 제품에 대해서도 전혀 문제 없이 대응이 가능하다.

    자본재 시장은 가격은 그대로 유지한 채 기능만을 지속적으로 확장하기를 기대하고 있으며,최고의 품질과 긴 사용 수명, 낮은 비용의 운영과 서비스를 요구하고 있다. 기계 장비 및 시스템에 대한 이러한 요구사항들을 만족시키고 실질적인 부가 가치를 제공하기 위한 유일한 방법은 결국 복잡성을 증가시키는 것이다. 치열한 경쟁을 통해 회사는 훌륭한 기술력을 습득할 수 있으므로 계획을 세우고 개발하여 이러한 제품들을 생산하는데 소요되는 시간이 증가된다는 것은 선택사항이 아니다.

    성공을 향한 패러다임의 전환

    공동으로 동시에 작업할 수 있다는 것은 개발에 박차를 가하는데 아주 중요한 열쇠이다. 사양서가 정해지면 바로 소프트웨어 개발을 시작하고, 그와 함께 기구적인 부분과 전기적인 부분을 동시에 진행할 수 있으며,여러 명의 프로그래머들이 소프트웨어 솔루션 전체에 걸쳐 다방면으로 동시에 작업할 수 있다. 야심찬 개발 목표를 달성하기 위한 또 다른 열쇠는 사내에서 개발하거나, 사전에 특정 기능을 위해 프로그램했던, 이미 그 분야에서 자체적으로 증명된 기존의 소프트웨어를 재사용하는 것이다. 이를 통해 프로그래밍이나 테스트, 그리고 인증과 같은 과정에서 소비되는 시간과 노력을 상당히 줄일 수 있다. Automation Studio 4는 기계 장비 및 자동화 시스템을 위한 단일화된 툴로써, 장비 개발에 있어 모든 단계에서 소프트웨어 개발자들이 보다 빠르고 효율적으로,수준 높은 메카트로닉스 시스템을 완벽하게 구축할 수 있도록 최신의 기술들을 제공한다. 표준 PLC 언어규격 IEC61131-3기반의 프로그래밍 언어 및 C, C++, CFC언어 제공함으로써 개방형 표준 규격및 양방향 인터페이스 구축을 지원한다.

    3-axis servo drive - High performance with a compact design. ...

  • With the ACOPOS P3, B&R is setting new standards for motion control. This 3-axis servo drive offers a power density of 4 A per liter, making it one of the most efficient servo drives with integrated safety functions on the market. It also provides previously unmatched dynamics and precision, with a minimum sampling time of 50 µs for the entire controller cascade.


    More than ever before, machine and system manufacturers are being bombarded with demands for increased productivity and availability. At the same time, pressure is constantly building to reduce the manufacturing costs for production machines. The new servo drive generation from B&R was designed to meet these challenges

  • Automation PC 2100
    The control cabinet variant of the Automation PC 2100 also provides a complete PC system with minimized dimensions.


    컴팩트한 사이즈, 최고의 성능

    또한 Automation PC 2100의 다양한 제어 캐비닛은 최소화된 크기로 완전한 PC 시스템을 제공합니다.

    이 혁신적인 PC 디자인은 임베디드 시스템을 위한 이정표를 나타내는 싱글, 듀얼 및 쿼드 코어 프로세서 기술의 Intel Bay Trail 구조를 기반으로 하여 최적의 가격 대비 성능을 제공합니다. 쿼드 코어 프로세서는 Panel PC 900에서 사용한 Core i3 3217UE 프로세서보다 높은 성능 수준을 달성합니다.


    통신은 모든 방향으로

    Panel PC 2100은 2x기가 비트 이더넷 뿐만 아니라 1x USB 2.0과 1x USB 3.0등을 포함한, 가장 중요한 인터페이스들을 통합하고 있습니다. 인터페이스 모듈은 또한 POWERLINK 및 CAN과 같은 필드버스 기술을 활용하기 위해서 포함될 수 있습니다. 데이터 저장을 위해, 60 GB 이상을 저장할 수 있는 MLCbased CFast 카드들도 이용할 수 있습니다.


    최대의 그래픽 성능

    Intel Atom 프로세서가 사용하는 그래픽 엔진 기술은 Core i 기술에서 오는 것으로 강력한 처리를 제공합니다. 또한 DirectX 11을 지원하는 것은 처음이며, SCADA 및 다른 HMI 시스템에서 향상된 그래픽 성능에 대한 더 많은 가능성을 열어준다. 24.0"의 Full HD까지의 화면크기와 모든 해상도들도 지원됩니다.

  • X20 System
    Slice-based I/O and control system ...


    Slice-based I/O and control system

    There are many different I/O slice systems. With the X20 system, B&R is setting new standards according to the motto "Perfection in Automation". Born from experience gained from applications all over the world, numerous conversations with customers and with the aim for easier, more economical and secure usage, the X20 system is a new universal solution for any automated task in machine and system manufacturing.

    B&R I/O systems are versatile and easy to use. With IP20 and IP67 protection, this is true in any combination, both inside and outside the control cabinet. And they also support all standard fieldbus systems. Complete flexibility regarding topology makes it possible for the I/O system to be optimally adapted to the machine. Standard I/O can be mixed with safe I/O, and decentralized intelligence is embedded in the I/O system so that things like condition monitoring can be easily implemented.

  • Visualization and operation
    Whether operation takes place intuitively via touch screen, function keys or a combination of the two, B&R control panels provide unbeatable ergonomic comfort. ...

  • Whether operation takes place intuitively via touch screen, function keys or a combination of the two, B&R control panels provide unbeatable ergonomic comfort. Brilliant displays with a wide viewing angle provide an outstanding overview of all machine and system states. Industry-specific solutions, e.g. for the foodstuffs industry, and even custom adaptations round off this extensive range of products. As with our industrial PCs, these devices are developed by B&R, ensuring the long-term availability that machines and systems require.

    Terminal and controller designs with touch screen

    B&R is expanding its successful line of Power Panel systems by adding two more series: the Power Panel T-Series terminal version and the Power Panel C-Series controller version. Both versions are equipped with an analog resistive touch screen. Equipped with an embedded browser, Power Panel T30 terminal devices are fully web-compatible and can also be used as a Visual Components client. The terminal series is being offered with four TFT display sizes ranging from 4.3" to 10.1" and comes with 2 Ethernet interfaces, 2 USB ports and an extensive array of configuration options.

    High-performance HMI with a wide range of connection options

    The Power Panel C70 controller version is equipped with a 333 MHz Intel Atom CPU, 256 MB DDRAM, 16 kB FRAM and 2 GB onboard flash drive. This controller provides a built-in touch screen and is being offered in three display sizes ranging from 5.7" to 10.1". The Power Panel C70 achieves cycle times as fast as 1 ms. POWERLINK and standard Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0 and X2X Link, as well as optional RS232, RS485 and CAN interfaces meet all connection requirements. Both of these device series have an extremely compact design, minimal installation depth and an intelligent cable outlet arrangement, making these panels easy-to-mount space savers. They also have no hard disks, fans or batteries, which makes them maintenance-free. The front of the panel provides IP65 protection, making these devices extremely well-suited for harsh industrial environments.