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COMET Plasma Control Technologies Welcomes you.

For the last five decades, COMET Plasma Control Technologies has significantly contributed to the progress of RF and vacuum technology. This pioneering spirit is driving RF technology a step forward every day.

COMET is a global innovation partner, developing high value RF solutions for RF related industries. Since 1965, our products have earned a global reputation of excellence in quality and reliability over a broad variety. We combine years of business experience with high-level technological expertise, always developing new ways for our customers to gain marketplace advantage.

From Silicon Valley to the Swiss Alps, from metropolitan Shanghai to rural Stolberg, our global network of professionals are dedicated to helping you thrive in today's fast-moving marketplace. They may speak many different languages, but they share the same passion: the desire to make a difference for you - and the next generation.


  • COMET Plasma Control Technologies
    Step Up your RF System with Plasma Control Technologies from COMET ...

  • RF generators and RF impedance-matching networks are the specialized components which are used for the highly precise control of plasma processes, such as in the production of memory chips or flat panel displays.

    COMET is a leading expert for customized high vacuum and RF technology and a global innovation partner of RF related industries.

    If you want to improve the reliability, repeatability, throughput and yield of your RF system – visit us on our booth and ask us how!

  • Vacuum Capacitors
    Combining Expertise and Technology: COMET Vacuum Capacitors ...

  • Get to know the latest generation of COMET vacuum capacitors with even higher power density that opens up still more sophisticated applications and production processes for customers.
  • Impedance Matching Networks
    Custom Designed to Serve Future Needs ...

  • Designed to Serve Future Needs – Impedance Matching Networks

    COMET matching networks are custom designed for semiconductor and FPD applications. Our RF design expertise creates a full range of solutions that exceed your specifications and time to market.

  • RF Generators
    At the Heart of Advanced Power Delivery: COMET RF Generators ...

  • At the Heart of Advanced Power Delivery: COMET RF Generators

    Their platform architecture eases business process flow, is independent in power / frequency and allows to run flexible operating conditions and recipes.