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Hesse GmbH, founded in 1978, is a German equipment manufacturer delivering high-end semiconductor assembly equipment. Our products include automatic thin- and heavy-wire wedge bonders and ultrasonic flipchip bonders.
Thin Wire Bonder
Bondjet BJ820, designed for challenging applications like 40um ultra-fine pitch with real-time quality control, is featured with a huge bond area and a wear-free bondhead. It delivers rapid bonding speed up to 6 wires/second for optimal process flexibility and productivity.
Heavy Wire Bonder
Bondjet BJ935/939 single-head and BJ931 dual-head are capable of bonding 100-500um Al and Cu wires/power ribbons for applications like power modules, IGBT, automotive devices, CPV panels and RF amplifiers, etc. These machines are equipped with bondhead integrated pull testers, active wire cutter, E-Box (bondhead set-up visual aid), anti-vibration system, and the powerful patented PiQC real-time quality control system as well.
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    The 3rd generation of the thin wire series, BJ820 is a valuable alternative to ball-bonding and other processes. With 1μm precision, BJ820's full potential is realized in high-volume production environments. #Best-seller/ Precise/ Large-scale production ...

  • The 3rd generation of Hesse GmbH's fully automated thin wire wedge bonder, Bondjet BJ820, is an innovation in the thin wire wedge bonding market and a valuable alternative to ball-bonding and other processes. All challenging wire bonding applications can be handled on this single platform – RF, microwave devices, COB, MCM, hybrids, fiber optics and automotive using aluminum or gold wires or ribbons.

    BJ820 is meant for high-volume production environments:
    - the very high axis precision of 1μm; 
    - large bond area of 305mm x 410mm; 
    - ultra-fine bond-pad pitch capability at 40um inline; 
    - large effective Z-axis travel of up to 30mm; 
    - the powerful PiQC system (Process integrated Quality Control, for real-time bond quality monitor by the deformation sensor and transducer current) and; 

    - the nearly wear-and-maintenance-free Piezo bondhead altogether enable its suitability for high-volume production.

    New heavy wire bonder for Power Modules, with enlarged working area and 30% increased productivity.
    #Enlarged platform / Higher yield / Speedy and precise / Low maintenance needs / Supports Al and Cu wires and ribbons ...

  • The Bondjet models BJ935 and BJ939 from Hesse GmbH have set new benchmarks of speed, precision and low maintenance needs for the bonding process, thanks to the use of gantry kinematics with linear motors on the machines. Together with the enlarged working area of up to 350 mm x 500 mm, these two renovated models vow to fulfill the current and future demands on precision and repeatability posed by the industry.

    The models have on average 30% more yield than their predecessors. This increase is attributable jointly to the features below:
    - the weightless bondhead with integrated non-destructive pull-tests;
    - the active cutting system;
    - E-Box (an optical system assisting the set-up of cutter, wire guide and wedge tool) and;
    - PiQC, the process integrated quality control system (for non-destructive quality tests and individual bond monitoring).

    Both models can manage heavy aluminum and copper wires (up to 500 um) as well as ribbons for a high current (i.e. High Current Ribbon, HCRtm...).

    Tailored for heavy-wire power leadframe package assembly, BJ931 is integrated with a specialized leadframe indexing system to tackle power leadframes like TO220, D-Pak and DFN in high productivity. #Power leadframe applications ...

  • BJ931, the heavy wire model, is specifically designed for handling power leadframe applications, from the simplest, like TO200/TO220PF, to the more complex ones, like matrix D-Pak/DFN with equal ease.

    The bonder is incorporated with the following advanced features to facilitate the bonding process:
    - bondhead-integrated non-destructive pull tests;
    - high speed;
    - large bonding area;
    - active cutter;
    - E-box (an optical system assisting the set-up of cutter, wire guide and wedge tool) and;
    - PiQC, the process integrated quality control system (for non-destructive quality tests and individual bond monitoring).

    These features on BJ931 and Hesse's enhanced quality control systems are customized to suit your specific requirements and achieve high productivity.

    For applications requiring highest functionality on smallest space, FJ520 offers you particularly great advantages. #Flexibility / Wide range of applications ...

  • As the latest evolution of Hesse GmbH's flipchip bonder platform, FLIPJET FJ520 is so designed that it has the flexibility to cater for a wide variety of applications and the possible requirements of future products (e.g. 12"). Our breadth of experience in ultrasonic technology guarantees you the optimal solutions. 

    This innovation stems from our substantial experience in transducer development and ultrasonic technology as well as our expertise and workmanship (coming from routine practice) in building complex machines for fully automatic production.