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KDH is the leader of Air Piping/Motor/Hoist market of Korea.

We, KDH are a leading company in the field of Air Product, Material Handling Equipment in South Korea since establishment in 1991. We have established Total Air Solution system, and have been supplying the best product and service to customers.

Our handling items are following below.

  • Aluminium Piping System
  • Air Hoist/ Air Motors/Air Winches
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Material Handling Equipment

One of our main Item, Aluminium Air Piping System is the most efficient and ergonomic solution for Semiconductor lines.

KDH and TESEO(ITALY) has been making Official Distributorship and supplying Aluminium Piping system in Korean Market. 

The following advantages stand out

• Easy and quick to assemble, no special tools required, it can be assembled without special skills.
• Its simple section is symmetric and can be used on all the sides. Easy to cut and bend.
• Equipped with numerous accessories which are designed of simple modular elements compatible both with the present HBS system and steel pipes with “Gas” BSP or NPT threads.
• A very competitive price, thanks to the quick mounting, AP is more convenient than a traditional piping system.

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 Press Releases

  • High-tech value-added partnership

    By virtue of the high quality and flexibility of its systems, TESEO was selected by Bergamo-based Persico Spa to supply the compressed air distribution system in the Nembro factory. The compressed air system, comprised of several kilometers of HBS piping, was designed to meet the strictest energy efficiency standards.

    Desenzano del Garda, July 2015 – TESEO has supplied its HBS modular piping to build a new compressed air distribution system in the factory of Persico Spa, a Bergamo-based company primarily engaged in the automotive, industrial and marine industries.

    Founded in 1976, Persico Spa provides co-design, engineering, prototyping and modeling services, combined with automation systems, with a role of global player in the target industries. Based in Nembro, near Bergamo, the company also has production and sales units in Germany, China and the United States.

    Within the project for the refurbishment of the ex-Comital industrial site, covering 18,000 square meters, the existing manufacturing structures have been expanded with new business divisions. Until recently, the different units were fully independent, each with a 30-50 kW compressor, while today a compressor room with 3 inverter compressors (including a backup machine) with 75, 55 and 37 kW rating, supports a central distribution backbone. This approach has lowered consumption significantly and has resulted into an estimated 30% cost saving.

    Due to demand peaks and discontinues operations in the different units, the design and optimization of compressed air systems was very challenging. For this reason, Persico Spa relied on the qualified consulting of C.G.C., a company in the Bergamo area with longstanding experience in compressed air generation and distribution. The consultant recommended using TESEO piping for the high technological content of the solution. Leveraging the cooperation with C.G.C. and TESEO, the compressed air system, comprised of five kilometers of piping, was designed to meet the strictest energy efficiency standards.

    Meeting the customer’s requirements for 8 bar pressure, with minimum pressure drop and irregular consumption, we adopted HBS80 in the compressor room and for the main circuits, while for most cross lines we used HBS50 – says Piercarlo Guerini, owner of C.G.C. -. The drop columns, made with HBS32 and HBS25 piping, were defined on-the-fly, in order to meet the specific requirements of each department; this approach was enabled by the great flexibility of TESEO’s system: the possibility to modify the system after the installation is essential in a building and an industrial area still in becoming. We have also added connections for the future monitoring of each unit, so that the company can monitor costs and assign them to each production order, pursuing the constant improvement of energy efficiency".

    The quality and flexibility of TESEO’s system, which we had the opportunity to appreciate in previous projects, were key factors in selecting the supplier”, says Giuseppe Cividini, who supervised the refurbishment of the ex-Comital area. “Persico Spa’s mission is not production, but rather prototyping, as the latter pushes the limits of creativity always beyond what you think was possible. For this challenging project, we selected reliable, competent partners with a high-tech profile, who could effectively analyze our requirements and raise the bar”.

    We are not just happy with what we have done so far, we are already considering a new project for a 3,300-square-meter area where we would like to use TESEO systems for compressed air distribution and for vacuum as well”, Cividini adds.

  • During Hannover Messe (8-12 April 2013), TESEO is introducing the new AP68 profile and the manual pipe bending machine Cent80. Launching the 20-year warranty campaign, Teseo will be located in Hall 26, Stand A50.

    esenzano del Garda, march 2013 – TESEO srl, specializing in the design, production and sale of aluminum piping and fittings for the construction of distribution plants for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other fluids under pressure, is exhibiting at Hannover Messe 2013, from 8 to 12 April, in Hall 26, Stand A50.

    At the event, Teseo is introducing the new AP68 profile, with a diameter designed for the new AP range to handle air distribution for compressors up to 190 kW. Besides the well-known benefits (light weight, modularity, easy and quick installation), the new AP line for the distribution of compressed air and other non-hazardous fluids under pressure offers higher flow rates, covering the requirements of most markets with the introduction of a new diameter.

    In Hanover, the new pipe bender Cent80 for AP20 and AP25 diameters will also be introduced. It’s a simple and lightweight device that requires no maintenance or special arrangements; engineers can take it along easily on installation sites. Convenient and cost-effective, the bending machine allows to solve complex routes or level gaps directly on site, or to follow peculiar line shapes. With this tool, AP 20 and 25 profile can be bent into the most different shapes.

    Finally, at Hannover Messe, Teseo is also illustrating a further benefit of their systems for the distribution of compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other non-flammable fluids: 20-year warranty extension. “The extension of the warranty period to a timeframe that is more than twice as long as our competitors is clear evidence of the quality and reliability of our solutions - said Gianfranco Guzzoni, founder and general manager of TESEO -. As the world’s first manufacturer of modular aluminum systems, we decided to reaffirm our leadership by extending the warranty period for the replacement of defective parts from 24 months to 20 years. Furthermore, we are the only ones who can prove this, as our initial installations date back to the early Nineties”.

  • (Dec 04, 2015)


    The longest of the sector.

    A long term certainty.

    Teseo is proud to offer to customers a 20 years warranty for defects due to materials of aluminium pipes and fittings of its modular systems.

    “The extension of the warranty period to a timeframe that is more than twice as long as our competitors is clear evidence of the quality and reliability of our solutions - said Gianfranco Guzzoni, founder and general manager of TESEO -. As the world’s first manufacturer of modular aluminum systems, we decided to reaffirm our leadership by extending the warranty period for the replacement of defective parts from 24 months to 20 years. Furthermore, we are the only ones who can prove this, as our initial installations date back to the early Nineties”.

    Warranty covers the replacement of faulty or damaged parts.

    Coverage terms of TESEO warranty.

    •  Use of genuine parts installed correctly.

    •  Use for compressed air distribution inside industrial buildings.

    •  Use respecting fields and limits of application, protecting the system from

       vibrations, hammering, shocks and corrosive environment.

    For getting more information about the activation and terms of coverage of the 20 years warranty contact our branches and authorized distributors.

  • Modular piping systems have been delivered for a
    network of parallel distribution lines for compressed air
    serving the CNC machiningcentres at the site of Italian
    braking systems manufacturer of braking systems used
    also in Formula 1
    Official suppliers of Formula1, Moto GP and cross country
    motorbike teams, as well as supplier of original braking
    systems for leading vehicle and bike manufacturers,
    Brembo is well-known brand in the field of components for
    the automotiveindustry worldwide. Following a recent
    production reorganization plan, the company decided to
    build a new factory in the Curno, near Bergamo, a
    15,000m² building. Here, some production units are
    located: the departments for mechanical machining and
    for the assembly of braking systems and wheels for
    motorbikes, and racing team for the development and
    production of brakes for cars and motorbikes, hosting
    mechanical operations, quality controls, assembly, testing
    and experimentation units.
    Compressed air distribution
    In the new building, the network of parallel distribution
    lines for compressed air and lubricating-cooling oil serving
    the machining centres at Brembo has been created using
    the modular piping systems AP and HBS by Teseo.
    The compressorroom is equipped with two 132kVA screw
    machines and a filtering and drying system. Each
    machine delivers 22,860 l/min at 7.3 bar
    operatingpressure. The plant equipped with Teseo
    products is connected to the outlet pipe of this room, and
    through a 4-inch feeding column (consisting of a HBS 110
    pipe), flows into the main circuit, also based on pipes with
    the same diameter. The main circuit runs along the walls
    of theentire building for a total length of 500m. Several cross lines with2" diameter (made of
    HBS 50 pipes) intersect with the main circuit, simplifying the connection to machines. These
    secondary lines have a total extension of 1,000m and are hanging from the ceiling supported
    by steel ropes.
    Inside the building, compressed air is used in different ways, first of all to feed machining
    centres, where it is required to clean the tool-holding spindle and to operate different machine
    units. This requires high flow rates in short time to remove metal chips and dirt, in order to
    ensure proper assembly and high-quality workpiecemachining. Compressed air is also used to
    supply the tools for workpiece deburring. The latter are high-speed grinding wheels supplied
    withcompressed air, for which it is essential to have clean fluid and norust or oxide. Finally,
    compressed air is necessary for the testing benches of calipers, requiring a high flow of clean
    air to ensure the optimal operation of pneumatic devices like cylinders and valves.
    Faster installation and lower costs
    Piergiorgio Giorgi, industrialoptimization manager at the Racing Business Unit of Brembo, says
    thecompany has had several benefits, both in terms of economy and energysaving, deriving
    from the selection of a modular aluminium product like Teseo pipes.
    "The plant was installed in different stages duringthe transfer of equipment from the old to the
    new production site," says Giorgi. "We needed to commission the NC working center very
    quicklyas soon as they reached the new destination, and we found a perfect solution with
    Teseo's HBS and AP pipes." Once a machine was positioned,the engineers drilled holes into
    the distribution lines, pre-assembled the drop columns at ground level, and finally connected to
    the network with suitable connection plates. "Each extension, addition of extraction points or
    modification for the installation of new machines canbe carried out very quickly, with
    consequent reduction of machine downtime and lower labour costs," underlines Giorgi.
    A traditional plant made of iron, even if zinc-plated, is subject to oxidization and rusting, so that
    you have to treat air with filters. Due to the poor quality of circulating air, it is necessary to
    replace filter cartridges and to carry out frequent maintenance. "An aluminium plant is not
    subject to oxidization caused by air condensate, i.e. rust, so it does notcontaminate air flowing
    through the plant, reducing costs deriving from this factor," adds Piergiorgio Giorgi. Thanks to
    the high quality ofdistributed air, all equipment supplied by the plant benefit from anextension of
    operating life with constant performance over time.
    Higher yield, lower waste
    An extruded aluminium pipe has a very smooth internal surface, which ensures higher flow

    rates and lower loadloss as compared to traditional galvanized iron pipes. Some tests have
    shown 30% higher rates in HBS pipes as compared to a standard iron pipe with the same
    internal diameter. In practice, this translates intohigher flow rates with identical power
    consumption for the generationof compressed air, or if you prefer, lower power consumption to
    achieve the same performance as iron piping.
    The patented coupling system with O-ring seals for the AP and HBS fittings ensures perfect
    tightness and the dramatic reduction of plant leaks. "This feature allows reducing air
    consumption related to leaks, which is common in traditional plants with threaded couplings,"
    concludes Giorgi. A market survey within the European Union reveals that this is a key issue for
    industrial air distribution plants to optimize air generation costs.
    Published: Dec 2007


  • Aluminium Modular Piping System
    알루미늄(Alloy EN AW 6060 UNI EN 573-3:1996 규격)으로 제작된 TESEO社의
    알루미늄 공압배관은 기존의 백관(Galvanized) 및 스테인레스(SUS) 배관 완벽 대체 가능 ...


    At the begining of the 90's it was the first company worldwide to develop a modualr aluminium pipework for the distribution of compressed air.

    Today such systems are internationally appreciated for the distribution of fluid energy such as compressed air and vacuum, both for small laboratories and for large industry. The modular profiles by TESEO has been installed in many application
    fields and can count on several important references: car industry, textile, mechanical, automation and many many others.



    TESEO follows the whole production process of its products, and takes care of every step from the designing to the manufacturing of the finished component, through a net of selected partner companies. From the main factory in Italy is then the product distributed all over the world by a diffused sales organization.

    Quality and safety are fundamental points for TESEO and are assured by its own Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, and by a specific philosophy on design, development and testing. The piping systems are built respecting the safety requirements prescribed by several norms and are certified by different international laboratories.



    Besides the production and selling of the products, TESEO also supports its own partners and customers through the designing and sizing of air lines, the developing of customized solutions for machines or production lines, consulting on inquiries and technical training, supervision during the installation and testing of the system.
  • HBS - Hollow bar system
    25~110mm 규격 ...

  • HBS was the first modular air line system created by TESEO at the beginning of the 90's with a wide range of diameters, up to an inner diameter of 110 mm.
    It is made by profiles and accessories in aluminium capable of distributing compressed air with a maximum pressure of 15 bars, vacuum and other non dangerous gases.
    The sealing is guaranteed by common "O" rings; the connection of the different components can be simply done by tightening the Allen screws on the fixing plates.
    The smoothness of the internal surface ensures low air friction and guarantees high performance in terms of flow rate and pressure reduction.
    HBS is particularly suitable for the installation of the main distribution line and manifolds on machines or automatic lines.
  • AP - Aluminium section tube
    22~54mm 규격 ...

  • AP is the latest generation of modular piping system developed by TESEO, available in 20, 25, 40 and 50 mm diameters with a wide range of accessories.
    The pipes are in extruded aluminium and are connected to fittings and accessories, equipped with "O" rings, with the exclusive dovetale clamping and joining system patented by TESEO.
    AP can handle compressed air up to 15 bars pressure, vacuum and other non dangerous gases. It is suitable for the installation of column drops, small distribution ringmains and manifolds on machines or control panels.
    The assembly is easy and very fast with the use of simple tools, without threading or welding any component. By simply drilling the profile and applying an outlet plate, you can immediately extract the fluid power where needed, at any moment, and even when the installation is already completed.
  • ATS - Air Track Supply
    Trolley 부착 모델

    최대 18m 길이 가능 ...

  • ATS is a trolley with a point of use for compressed air, and it runs on a modular rail in anodized aluminium. The trolley can support and feed one or more tools running along the track.
  • SAB - Swinging Arm Bracket
    Swing Arm 형식으로 최대 5m 이동반경으로 원활한 작업 가능 ...

  • SAB is a swinging arm completely made of anodized aluminium, available in a bench or wall fixing versions. The horizontal bar is equipped with an outlet plate for the air feeding and a glider pad for the support of a pneumatic tool.
  • WBA - Work bench for assembly
    알루미늄으로 제작된 조립라인 Bench System
    Bench에 부착된 Trolley를 통해서 효율적인 작업 가능 ...

  • WBA is a workbench equipped for assembly actitivity operated with pneumatic tools. It is made of anodized aluminium profiles and includes an ATS system for screwdrivers and tools. One of the legs is pressurized acting as both a reservoir and feeding line.