Leoni Elocab Ltd.

  • Booth: 2229

LEONI Elocab Ltd. custom designs and manufactures a wide variety of cables with MOQ of 300 ft. for continuous flex and torsion applications in harsh environments. Products can be supplied with international certification conforming to RoHS requirements. The company’s HPF flat cable line is designed to withstand 500-million-plus flex cycles in a tight bending radius.


  • HPF & FST
    LEONI can incorporate any component into a flat design with extensive cable expertise and flexible manufacturing processes. This allows us to accommodate any of your requirements. LEONI’s HPF and FST cables successfully stand up to the task. ...

  • LEONI offers two product groups especially for Semi - & DSP industries

    1. LEONI’s High-Performance Flat (HPF)

        HPF cables allow for custom designs with maximum flex-life of up to 150 million cycles.
        LEONI HPF cables enable the end user to configure the cable for whatever the application demands.
        A wide range of individual conductors can be custom designed.  

         Examples include: single wires or twisted pairs, flexible coaxial cables, Ethernet or FireWire, optical fibres and         fiber bundles, tubing for air, water, ink etc.

    2. LEONI’s Flexible Sleeve Technology (FST)

        FST allows forrapid prototyping, on-demand arrangement of components and flex-life exceeding 10 million           cycles.  Due to LEONI’s commitment to partnering with our customers, we maintain a strategic stocking               position of components ready to be customized for your application. This allows for very low lead times on
        any Flexible Sleeve Technology product – components ship within a few days, assembled prototypes within
        as little as 2 weeks.


    • wafer processing and inspection
    • high-speed pick and place devices
    • test & measurement equipment
    • surface mount equipment
    • advanced lithography
    • high performance packaging machines
    • laser cutting and laser edging machines
    • PV / solar panel manufacturing devices
    • linear motion and drives
    • … any application with a fast and rapid movement, either automated or robotic driven

    Customer’s benefits:

    • industry leading flex life performance of up to 150 million cycles at very tight bend radii
    • no abrasion, no friction and virtually no abrasion due to high-performance fluoropolymer materials
    • clean-room ready: rated Class 1
    • very low out-gassing characteristics, suitable for vacuum applications
    • suitable for high accelerations and fast application speeds
    • light weight allows for extreme point to point accuracy
    • cables can be designed to match your requirements
    • cable designs are proprietary to your equipment only