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Plasma Source & Microwave Technologies - Made in Germany

MUEGGE GmbH is a top international supplier in the field of industrial microwave and plasma technologies. Its portfolio includes microwave generators and components, including the corresponding power supply technology for various applications, such as industrial microwave heating, and especially plasma technology (Rapid Reactive Radicals Technology, R3T). The microwave systems produced by MUEGGE are used to generate plasma for semiconductor applications, in the areas of flat panel / OLED, MEMS, in the medical technology field, environmental technologies as well as in other industrial areas.

MUEGGE GmbH is a member of the global technology company Meyer Burger.


  • STP Compact
    Compact microwave plasma batch asher. ...

  • TheMUEGGESTPCompactmicrowaveplasmasystemisthelatestandmostadvancedgenerationofMWbatchashersofferedtodayandisacomplementtotheverypopularSTP2020series.TheMUEGGESTPCompactisidealforphotoresistashing(perfectforSU-8),descum,wafercleaning,surfaceactivationandsiliconandsiliconnitrideetching.
  • MA3000D-151BB
    Plasma decapsulation tool ...

  • Muegge’s MA3000D-151BB (R3T STP R2005) Plasma decapsulation tool has been especially developed for the fast etching of mould compound and polyimide to open microchips without attacking the sensitive wiring.
  • MA3000 Series
    Compact Remote Plasma Source ...

  • Compact Remote Plasma Source (RPS*) designed for the usage at vacuum chambers. - Superior results for cleaning of process chambers with complex geometry - Suitable for photo resist stripping, chamber cleaning, isotropic etching, surface treatment - Water cooled plasma zone - Integrated magnetron head unit and launching unit with isolator - Simple interfacing to any equipment (Kf 40 or ISO-K 63)