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Napson Korea Co., Ltd. is the leading supplier of sheet resistance and resistivity measurement systems including Four Point Probe and Non-contact measuring instruments. We always offer customized optimum measurement solutions to create customer's maximum benefits. For more information, you are welcome to visit our booth or contact our website at '' , ''.


  • 1.Contact type Resistance measurement (접촉식)
    - Manual Type
    - Semi Auto Type (Multi point measurement)
    - Full Auto Type (with sample transfer system) ...

  • Contact type resistance measurement instruments

    - Uses a 4-point(or 2-point) probe head to contact to the sample for the measurement.
    - Wide measurement range
    - Suitable for a various samples.

  • 2.Non-Contact type resistance measurement (비접촉식)
    - Manual Type
    - Semi Auto Type (Multi point measurement)
    - Full Auto Type (with sample transfer system)
    - Built in module ...

  • Non-Contact type resistance measurement instruments
    - Paired eddy-current probe head for measurement
    - Non-Damage measurement by non-contact measurement
  • 3.Thickness Measurement (웨이퍼 두께측정기)
    - Measures Thickness, TTV, Bow, Warp and site and global Flatness
    (ASTM compliance)
    - Measures all materials including Si, GaAs, Ge, InP, SiC
    - Full 500 micron thickness measurement range without re-calibration
    - 2-D /3-D Mapping software ...

  • Applications

    • Semiconductor materials, Solar-cell materials (Silicon, Polysilicon, SiC etc)
    • Silicon-related epitaxial materials, Ion-implantation sample
    • Chemical compound semiconductor (GaAs Epi, GaN Epi, InP, Ga etc)

    Sample sizes

    3~8 inch

    Measuring range

    Thickness: 200 –1200μm
    Bow : +/-350μm
    Warp: 350μm

    Related product

    Wafer flatness sorting system : NC-2000(Robotic carrier), NC-6800(Belt carrier)
     *Adding Resisitivity measurement module and/or PN checker module system is also available.

  • 4.CIS Tester(이미지센서 테스터)
    - High Performance and Cost Effective
    - Spans Lab to High-Volume Production
    - Rapid Deployment
    - Supports Wide Variety of Sensors
    - High-Throughput via PCI Express X4
    - Optional Advanced Analysis and Test and Automation Software ...

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  • 5.ESD Contron Plastic (대전방지 플라스틱)
    - 정전기분산플라스틱 ...

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  • 6.Carbon Fiber (탄소섬유)
    - CFRTP PAPER (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Paper)
    - CFRTP FELT (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Felt) ...

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