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Semiconductor robot, Always, Robots and Design.

Robots and Design has been satisfied the global customers since 1999. RND has manufactured more than 55 kinds of robots by ODM or OEM in the international market fields of semiconductor, display, nano-optics, biotechnology, education, service, etc. Developed by our own technology and receiving favorable comments from our global customers, WTR, EFEM, SMIF and Buffer Stocker are indigenous high quality models within a reasonable price range. We manufacture robots and automation equipment to provide the best solution for our customer as a specialized customizing company. With our industrial experience of more than 20 years and expertise, we strive to realize our customer's needs.


  • Wafer Trnasfer Robot
    We have various kinds of wafer transfer robot used in from front-end to back-end process. Developed by our own know-how and expertise, we also provide the optimized robot capable for diversified customer's tool requirement.

  • * Our product line-up

    Standard Single/ Dual Arm Robot

    Scara robot

    Telescopic Single/Dual arm Robot

    Wafer ring frame handling robot

    LED wafer transfer robot (Single/Dual Arm)

    Glass Transfer robot

    Cartesian Robot

    Foup Transfer Robot