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*Products :

  • SOKUDO DUO (DT-3000)
  • RF3S (RF-310A)
  • Coat/Develop Track SK-60EX/80EX
  • Single Wafer Cleaner SU-3200  
  • Scrubber SS-3200
  • Wet Station FC-3100
  • Laser Annealer LT-3000/3100
  • Flash Lamp Annealer LA-3000-F
  • Ellipso-type Thin Film Measurement System VM-2200/3200
  • Measurement System for Thin Film RE-8000
  • Single Wafer Cleaner SU-2000
  • Compact Wet Station CW-1500
  • Spin Scrubber SS-80EX
  • Wafer Pattern Inspection System ZI-2000
  • Direct Imaging System for Advanced Packaging DW-3000
  • Spray Coater SC-80EX


  • Coat/Develop Track DT-3000
    High Productivity. >350 wph Capable Dual Track System ...

    1. High-Throughput while Ensuring High Reliability
      Running dual, parallel process lines dramatically improves wafer throughput. Since the load is distributed between two separate lines, the SOKUDO DUO also contributes to higher wafer handling robotics reliability since it enables reduced wafer transfer speeds without compromising wafer throughput.
    2. Non-Stop Operation Delivers High Productivity
      The dual-flow concept makes it possible to run each wafer process line independently. Maintenance can be performed while the system is running production, greatly reducing system downtime. The overall lithography cell wafer output, productivity is optimized by keeping the coat/develop process running so that expensive photolithography exposure scanner time is not wasted.
    3. Small Footprint & Flexible Configuration
      The dual process line system is a compact platform design that significantly reduces footprint. Various system onfigurations can be tailored to match specific coat/develop applications to deliver optimized wafer output for the available clean-room area.
    4. Advanced Lithography Technology
      With SOKUDO's over 30-year technical know-how, the system supports advanced immersion ArF lithography, EUV, E-Beam and Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) coat / develop / bake track solutions to realize high yield for volume production.
  • Single Wafer Cleaner SU-3200
    Expandable up to 12 chambers,
    impressively high throughput of up to 800 wafers per hour. ...

  • Super Clean Chambers feature APAC* cleaning technology.

    • Volume of chamber interior is about one-third of a previous model.
      Maximized atmosphere replacement performance ensures ultra-high cleanliness.
    • A new developed air balance guide (ABG) ensures uniform FFU downflow.
    • Proprietary air protection nozzle (APN) technology for watermark-free drying.
    • Proprietary advanced splash protection (ASP) technology minimizes chemical splash to ensure a clean wafer processing environment.

    *APAC : Advanced Process Atmosphere Control. Screen's ultra-clean chamber technology.

    High productivity

    • Stacked design combines twelve chambers in four three-level towers.
    • Accelerated transport system provides throughput of up to 800 WPH.
    • Greater productivity per unit area.

    Versatile chemical supply system

    • Pair configuration of the chambers and fluid units plus the fluid units' tray construction facilitate specification changes and maintenance.
    • The SU-3200's chemical supply system is at the rear to improve processing control by minimizing the distance between the chemical supply source and the wafer. The layout can be freely adjusted to suit processing needs.
    • The SU-3200 is available with either Dynamic Direct Injection (DDI) or cabinet-type chemical supply system to best suit your needs.
  • Scrubber SS-3200
    New Transport System Achieves High Throughput of up to 800 wafers per hour. ...

  • High Throughput The development of a new wafer transport mechanism and a proprietary algorithm improves throughput by around two times compared to the conventional SS-3100. This delivers high throughput of up to 800 wafers per hour. Same Processing Capacity as the Highly Reliable and Stable SS-3100 The SS-3200 inherits the same processing chambers as the SS-3100, a system already widely adopted in the world market. This allows processing to be performed without any change using the SS-3200. In addition, consumable parts can be shared with the conventional system, reducing any associated installation load for the customer. Space-saving Design As with the SS-3100, te SS-3200 is equipped with up to 8 processing chamber units. High throughput can be attained without increasing the number of processing chamber units, providing a very similar footprint to the conventional system. Installation of the Latest Cleaning Tools Achieves High Cleaning Capacity The SS-3200 can be equipped with the outstanding cleaning tools developed for conventional systems. This includes the Nanospray Ǻ spray cleaning system, which provides damageless cleaning of fine patterns. These tools contribute significantly to the improvement of yield rates for next-generation semiconductor devices. Improved Cleaning Supporting Next-generation Processes The SS-3200's cleaning level is improved by the selection of components specially designed for miniaturization and a new production method including comprehensive particle handling measures. This supports the increasingly strict cleaning requirements for next-generation cleaning processes.
  • Wet Station FC-3100
    Next-generation versatility, speed and functionality ...

  • High Throughput

    The FC-3100 is capable of achieving a highthroughput of 650 wafers per hour, which has been realized by incorporating a highthroughput buffer module and a new transfer module.

    Stable and Highly Reliable

    7 independent modules can be easily confi gured to best suit your production needs. Each module is of standardized construction. Dual cleaning baths are built into a single compact module for smoother assembly, adjustment, testing and installation.

    A Low Pressure Drying System(HiLPD)

    Provided with the HiLPD, a low pressure drying system, it enables to provide high concentration IPA vapor without using carrier N2 gas to greatly suppress watermark generation. In addition, the high concentration IPA vapor rapidly reduces surface tension preventing pattern collapse.

    Dry-Air Drying Tecnology(DAD)

    DAD is a new Dry Air Drying technology that blows dry air with an extremely low dew point over the wafers to instantly eliminate any moisture after cleaning. It maintains that same performance as conventional drying using IPA, but reduces the processing time by about half(*). It also enables running costs to be reduced to up to1/8 (*) of previous costs, and there is no resist dissolution. Of course, because IPA is not used at all, there are absolutely no VOC emissions. This new drying technology is therefore extremely safe and environment friendly.


  • Laser Annealer LT-3000/3100
    Ultra-low thermal budget.
    High-temperature melt-annealing of wafer surfaces in sub-micro seconds. ...

  • Screen introduces its laser thermal annealing technology addressing the constraints of advanced device thermal processing. The technology flexibility allows to meet a large spectrum of requirements for many different applications through the LT-3000 tool family which will enlarge with the new platform named LT-3100. The systems utilize a unique UV laser technology allowing a specific melt process bringing benefits in dopant activation, thin films crystallization, defect curing, surface smoothing, 3D stacking and a few more. The heating-cooling cycle is the fastest ever available below 200ns. The step and repeat approach makes the process uniform across the devices as well as across the wafers whatever the wafer size. At the same time, the benefits of the LT-3000 are accessible to customers using small wafers for advanced power devices as well as thin wafers down to 40μm. The LT product family is leveraging a flexible platform to be adapted to specific application needs and productivity. Among its unique capabilities, a real time monitoring of the process allows a detailed process tracking. The full device capability brings also a unique tool for process development by providing the possibility to do combinatorial experiments: then hundredths different processing conditions can be done at once on a single wafer. This allows cutting down the process development time and cost.

    1. Ultra-Iow Thermal Budget
      Achieving the highest possible temperature gradient in sub-micro seconds, LT tools are able to anneal fragile substrates without damaging critical device structures.
    2. Full Device Exposure
      Annealing one die, a group of dies or only the desired region in a single shot, the LT makes it all possible by shaping the beam size to meet process and device requirements without stitching.
    3. Dopant Activation Control
      Obtaining unprecedented high line and parametric yield levels are only possible with the LT annealing process. By melt-annealing, the dopants are superactivated and the low resistance layer is defect free.
  • DirectImagingSystem for Advanced Packaging DW-3000
    Ideal 3D Packaging, Bump, and Pillar Formation. ...

  • 1. Equipped with twin drafting head utilizing grating light valve (GLV™) and high-power YAG lasers
    GLV™ is the device that equips extremely fine ribbons above the base of a semiconductor chip to reflect light. Moving these ribbons up and down allows multiple light channels to be switched on and off at the same time.
    Screen uses the laser control technology that it has developed over many years to expose high-power laser beams at high precision onto the GLV™. This enables an impressive 8,000 laser beam channels to be controlled simultaneously. As a result, synchronization with a high-speed stage is possible, achieving high-speed, high-precision imaging.

    2.Handling of warping and non-linear distortion generated during thinning and attachment to supporting substrate
    To obtain high-yield and high-reliability device performance, exceptional resolution and overlay accuracy are essential. In addition to its global alignment function, the DW-3000 is equipped with a local alignment capability that controls imaging data and enables correction for each individual wafer.

    3.Equipped with a proprietary optical system designed for thick resist processes
    To achieve high integration of semiconductor devices 3D packaging technology utilizing TSV is required. The DW-3000 is equipped with a proprietary low numerical aperture (NA) drafting head.
    The DW-3000 possesses advantages required in the TSV and bump formation processes as well as sufficient focal depth for thick resists. These features enable outstandingly uniform patterning.

    4.Featuring highly reliable high-speed stag
    The DW-3000 achieves a throughput of 65 wafers per hour. It has the flexibility to handle from small-run, multi-type jobs through to mass production.

    5.Equipped with various options designed for advanced packaging production

    • Ability to image the main pattern and chip ID at the same time, enhancing device traceability
    • Bridge tool for selecting between 200 and 300 mm wafers
    • Ability to mark defective chips
    • Handling of thin or warped wafers using proprietary wafer transfer and suction methods