TOYO TANSO Korea Co., Ltd.

Korea (South)
  • Booth: 4506

We pursue creation of materials of the finest quality.

More than a quarter of a century has passed since the debut in 1974 of the first isotropic graphite developed and mass produced in Japan. That triumph came as result of the pursuit by Toyo Tanso to develop graphite materials of ideal quality. As technological advances occur, the fields of application are expanding and with that expansion we continue to grow not only in Japan, but on a global scale. About Our Products: 1. Anode for Fluorine Electrolysis 2. Electrodes for Plasma CVD 3. Graphite Insert for Ion Implantation 4. Carbon Brushes 5. C/C Composit 6. EDM Electrode 7. Continuous Casting Dies 8. SiC coated Susceptor 9. C/C crucible for multi crystal silicon for solar cells 10. CZ furnace for single crystalline silicon 11. Ingot manufacturing for solar cells 12. Casting furnace for multi crystal silicon for solar cells 13. C/C crucibles for single crystal silicon for solar cells 14. Graphite heater (Bar type) 15. Seed chuck /Pre-heater