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The Art of Detection - the best image at shortest time

YXLON designs and manufactures X-ray inspection systems for the widest variety of applications and industries. Our customers include some of the largest producers: they place their faith and confidence in us worldwide.

YXLON stands for assurance and quality for all electrical and electronic components but also cast parts, like aluminum wheels, bolts or cross struts, for automotive components bearing a relevance to safety such as airbags, for tires, turbine blades, welding seams and more. Our product portfolio encompasses X-ray systems for installation in X-ray inspection rooms, universal X-ray systems based on full-protection devices, solutions matched specifically to a customer, manual and fully automatic systems that can be integrated into any production process as well as FeinFocus microfocus systems that utilize both 2D and 3D technology.

At Semicon Korea we'll showcase the latest version of our microfocus X-ray system Y.Cheetah.




  • Y.Cheetah
    Microfocus and nanofocus X-ray inspection systems for PCBA and semiconductor industries ...

  • The Y.Cheetah microfocus and nanofocus X-ray inspection system was created to achieve a simple goal: the very best image in the shortest time. The result is sheer visual brilliance. Y.Cheetah harness the combined power of several YXLON innovations - FeinFocus X-ray tube technology; High Power Target technology; a finely calibrated, long-life flat-panel detector and a manipulator with cushioned bearings. The variety of sample tables ensure that it can generate 2D and 3D images in extremely high resolution.

    Upgrade to CT

    Y.Cheetah can be upgraded for CT with the optional microCT module. This enables CT for industrial qualtiy assurance, with in-depth 3D examination of inspection items via virtual cross sections and layers. With its user-friendly QuickScan module, it delivers 3D images and virtual slices with a minute.

    Real-time HDX imaging engine

    The new, advanced real-time HDX imaging engine of the graphical user interface (HDX – High-Definition X-Ray) enables operators without special skills to achieve the best image in the shortest time.

    Although automatic defect recognition can be an integral part of production, human interpretation remains indispensable. To support fast image inspection, the YXLON software with the advanced HDX Imaging Engine provides an outstanding real-time image quality enhancement that, depending on part and application, automatically optimizes the image for the inspector with just a single click. Grey values are optimally adapted to the human eye.


    - Printed cicuit boards

    - Electronic and mechanical modules

    - Semiconductor packaging and interconnects

    - Microsystems

    - Sensors

    - Actuators

    - MEMS and MOEMS


  • FF20 CT
    High-resolution computed tomography (CT) inspection system for fine parts ...

  • Precision at its finest

    With YXLON FF20 CT you'll opt for comfortable and extremely precise fine parts CT inspection in your labs and R&D. Experience the new intuitive Geminy touchscreen user interface and the exceeding precision enabled by teh new watercooled 190 kV multi-focus transmission tube.

    - Ultimate 3D insight into minute Semicon structures

    - YXLON Geminy smart touch operation for multiple user profiles

    - Time saving remote monitoring

    The YXLON FRF20 CT empowers users to achieve the highest qualtiy results through its finest spatial resolution. the system is ideally suited for R&D, F/A, process control or CT metrology of:

    - Semicon package assemblies

    - Semicon package materials

    - LED

    - MEMS and MOEMS