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Welcome to Disco

DISCO leads the industry in dicing, grinding and polishing
technologies. Our dicing equipment is comprised of lasers,
singulation, semi-automatic, fully automatic, single and
dual spindle saws. Materials we work with include silicon,
GaAs, low-k, ceramics, glass and others.

Grinding equipment consists of semi-automatic, and
fully-automatic grinders capable of ultra-thin grinding,
while dry polishers and plasma etchers address stress relief
and surface preparation.


  • Automatic Surface Grinder DAG810
    Automatic grinding for research and production ...

  • Single-axis automatic grinder
    The DAG810 is a compact, automatic grinder for workpieces up to 8" in
    diameter. It has one spindle and one chuck table and is designed to
    process a variety of materials.

    Precision grinding
    The newly developed high-rigidity, low-vibration spindle achieves
    superior grinding results and is capable of in-feed grinding and creep
    feed grinding (user-specified specification).

    Unlimited materials
    Process hard or brittle substrates of various diameters with ease. TheDAG810 is also the choice for processing a wide variety of electronic components.

  • Deionized Water Recycling Unit DWR1722
    Ultracompact DI water recycling unit with extraordinary energy
    and water conservation ...

  • Multi-function ultra-compact DI water recycling unit

    The DWR1721/1730 is a DI water recycling unit for dicing saws with functions for DI water production, water temperature adjustment, filtration, and removal of suspended solids such as cutting particles. Thanks to the introduction of the compact and highly efficient CC Filter, an original DISCO invention, a small equipment footprint has been made possible.

    CC Filter: Disposable filter module with high performance

    The DISCO original CC Filter provides both high filtration performance and long life time. Suspended solids filtered out by the CC Filter can be disposed of easily together with the filter.

    Higher throughput grinder polisher for 300mm wafers ...

  • Realizes an improvement in process stability and higher throughput

    The DGP8761 is the successor to the DGP8760, a machine used by premier manufacturers worldwide. It integrates backside grinding and stress relief processing, and performs stable thin grinding to a thickness less than 25 μm. The DGP8761 is equipped with a newly developed spindle to support high-speed grinding. This contributes to a shorter thin wafer processing time (compared to DGP8760). In addition, an optimized handling layout shortens the cycle time (excluding processing time).

    Dicing saw for improved productivity with Ø300mm wafers and ABC ...

  • Auto-detects the damage during processing and end the life of the blade, it automatically performs the processing to return from the blade exchange. Reduce the work load on the operator, extension of operating time, so that it is possible to realize a significant down time. This function can be installed in the option DFD6362.
  • Fully Automatic Laser Saw DFL7361
    Stealth laser dicing technologe for Si wafer ...

  • Stealth dicing Φ300mm Wafer (SD) equipment.

    Independent device wafer transfer each frame and transported but was necessary in the past, By choosing to use cassette, DFL7361 can be switched of wafer transfer and transport frame. As a result, the diverse work processes, and flexibility with a single unit (optional). In addition, modifications to the in-line specification is possible from a stand-alone specification, and it is with device design that can flexibly respond to process changes in the future.

  • Fully Automatic Laser Saw DFL7161
    Laser grooving for Low-K device ...

  • Disco’s laser application lineup supports

    miniaturized next generation devices Providing the optimum ”Kiru” technology for various materials

    What is ablation processing?

    It is a processing method that irradiates a workpiece with a very strong laser for a short time in order to vaporize it.