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Korea (South)
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Optical total solution LEE'S Optical System inc.

-We offer Machine Vision Systems constructed from our long time experiences on optical equipment industries.

-We produce comprehensive systems incorporating the latest progresses in techniques, design, production and quality control.

-We provide our customers with optical information and relevant corresponding techniques carefully chosen to meet their special needs.

-We always maintain an infinite challenging spirit to develope new optical applications.


  • Telecentric Lens
    ● Imaging Optical System Applicable for the Precision Measurement needed for the Inspections of Semiconductor and Wafer. ...

  • - Regardless of Field Height and Perspective Angle, Accurate Inspection of an Object is Possible with this Telecentric System.

    - HR Optical System gives Better Image Quality than ST Optical System due to Higher NA.

    - Applicable for the Inspection of 3D Objects to which Image’s Size and Feature are important.

    - Varieties of Illumination like Backlight, Ring, and Coaxial, etc. are applicable.


    TLW-Long WD Series.

    - Suitable for the Use in Space Limited Environment due to Their Higher Space Adaptability.

    - Having Longer Working Distance than TLW Series, these Series show Higher Performance and the Best Resolution for the Camera Equipped with Sensor of Large Pixels

  • Mega Pixel Lens
    ■ Optical Systems designed for the Mega Pixel Charge Coupled Device(CCD) Camera ...

  • - High Performance with Long Working Distance and Wide Field of View.

    - Large Depth of Field by Adjustable Iris.

    - Realizing Distinct Image with Telecentric System.

  • Objective Lens
    ● Applicable for the Precision Industrial Machine, due to Their NA and Performance Superior Than Ordinary Lens of Single Magnification. ...

  • - Imaging is Possible by Combination with Tube Lens to Match up Image according to Proper Magnification.

    - Having Working Distance Longer than Other Company's Objective Lenses and High NA Values.

    - 50X Objective Lenses are Suitable as Laser Objective Lenses and Designed for Three Wavelengths (1064, 940, 630nm(NIR)). 

       Simultaneous Laser Processing and Imaging is Possible.