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Merck supports innovation of global electronics industry.

Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials with 348 years of history. Merck is a leading global producer of high quality, high-purity specialty chemical materials for the fast growing electronics market. Merck develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of photoresist and insulation materials (193-nm, deep-UV, i-line, g-line, crossover, broadband, thick film) for semiconductor and flat-panel display applications. The company also offers top and bottom antireflective coatings, chemical shrink materials, anti-collapse special rinse solutions, strippers, developers, edge bead removers, and spin-on dielectric materials. Merck supports leading global electronics players to enhance existing processes and innovate new products.


  • Photoresists
    Photoresists are light-sensitive materials used in several industrial processes, such as photolithography and photoengraving to form a patterned coating on a surface. ...

  • Photoresists are either positive tone or negative tone and most pervasively used in the manufacture of integrated circuits and flat panel displays. Materials for the integrated circuit industry can be used for a wide variety of lithographic processes covering a wide range of exposure tools and processes. Applications range from sub-micron geometries to thick film applications. All materials are spin coated and can be matched to a large variety of substrates. Materials for the flat panel display industry can also be used for a wide variety of processes. Applications extend beyond the 5th generation spin coating, into advanced slit-coating processes. Materials are also available for roller coating and extrusion coating. PRODUCT LIST 1) IC Photoresists g/line/Broadband/xover, 1500 series, 5200 series, 6000 series, 6600 series, 8100, GXR-601 2) Thick Film Photoresists (TFR) P4000 series, 9000 series, TPM606, 10XT, 40XT, nXT series
  • Spin-on Dielectrics
    Spin-on Dielectrics or AZ® Spinfil® SOD Series is a Poly (perhydrosilazane) - (SiH2NH) based inorganic SOD material to be used for gapfilling and in planarization applications in advanced device manufacturing. ...

  • AZ® Spinfil® SOD Series can be converted to SiO2 based film which has similar properties to high performance CVD. AZ® Spinfil® SOD Series is the industry-standard material and is used as the dielectric technology for FEOL gapfilling applications in advanced device manufacturing. PRODUCT LIST Spinfil 100 Partially organic group modified silazane polymer based product with catalyst to enable low temperature SiO2 conversion, suggested applications are IMD, Sacrificial layer. Spinfil 200 Partially organic group modified silazane polymer based product without any catalyst, suggested applications are PMD, IMD. Spinfil 400 Complete inorganic silazane polymer based product without any catalyst, suggested applications are STI, PMD Spinfil 600 Complete inorganic silazane polymer based product without any catalyst, modified from Spinfil 400 for improved coating defectivity, suggested applications are STI, PMD
  • Chemical Shrink Formulations
    Chemical shrink coatings (RELACs) are water based polymer products that are used to shrink openings defined by the photoresist pattern. ...

  • This product enables defined features to be shrunk by up to 60nm with existing lithography equipment. Therefore, with this product, 248nm or 193-dry technology can be extended to substantially lower feature sizes without investing in new scanner technology. PRODUCT LIST 1) R607 for 248nm and 193nm exposure-based feature sizes and specific photoresist types, using dionized water rinse. 2) SH-114 for 193nm exposure-based feature sizes, using deionized water rinse.
  • Anti-reflective coatings
    Anti-reflective coatings are used in the lithography process to improve the photoresist profile and reduce the line width variation caused by scattering and reflecting light. ...

  • 1) BARCs BARCs are spin-on organic polymer formulations. These products are designed for specific lithographic wavelength processes including i-Line, 248nm, 193nm and 193nm immersion. They are coated on the wafer before the photoresist and must be performance-compatible with the photoresist. PRODUCT LIST BARLi ®, HERB (TM), KrF-series, KrF-series, EB-series 2) TARCs TARCs are water soluble polymers applied as a layer above the photoresist to reduce reflection of light during exposure, resulting in improved line width control. They can also be used as a protective coating to reduce photoresist poisoning/outgassing/defects. PRODUCT LIST Aquatar ® series
  • Anti-collapse Rinses
    Anti-collapse rinse products provide wider process window capabilities for advanced 193nm photoresists. ...

  • Anti-collapse rinse products provide wider process window capabilities for advanced 193nm photoresists. By applying the anti-collapse rinse after the photoresist development and DI water rinse steps, the pattern collapse behavior is significantly improved. Thus the photoresist film thickness can be increased to a level suitable for the substrate etch process while maintaining a manufacturable process window. PRODUCT LIST SPC-116A, SPC-124A, SPC-400
  • Klebosol Colloidal Silica
    Klebosol is a leading brand of multipurpose colloidal silica, with applications in a diverse array of industries ranging from beverage to electronics. ...

  • The Klebosol range of colloidal silica products are stable suspensions of independent (non-agglomerated), non-porous and spherical particles of silica (SiO2). FEATURES & BENEFITS - When compared to other silica products, Klebosol offers numerous superior characteristics including: 1) Monodispersity Each grade of Klebosol exhibits exceptional uniformity in particle size and shape, which is vital in many applications. 2) Reactivity Finer grades of Klebosol have a very high specific surface area, which offers great reactivity. 3) Stability Silica particles in Klebosol will retain their equidistant suspension in colloidal form even over extended periods of time. 4) Neutral pH Option Our patented, neutral pH formulation of Klebosol can be used in sensitive applications that require a neutral pH value. 5) Environmentally Friendly Klebosol is non-toxic and uses an inert base. 6) Superior Consistency Klebosol benefits from our savoir faire, which brings repeatability to the process. Many of our clients use Klebosol for demanding applications in the electronics industry. 7) Easy Handling Klebosol is delivered ready-to-use as a low viscosity liquid. It is easily transferable and entirely dustless 8) Particle Size, Silica Content & Stabiliser Type Different formulations of Klebosol can be achieved by varying particle size, silica content and stabiliser type (anionic or cationic). 9) Specific Gravity & pH Klebosol’s exceptional uniformity and predictable specific gravity are achieved through stabilisation in an alkaline state. However, Klebosol can also be prepared for stable use in a neutral or acidic state.