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METTLER TOLEDO’s array of solutions helps you address each of these critical challenges, such as dynamic market conditions to serving heightened customer demands, boost productivity and higher quality levels, management of wealth data, optimal performance of your equipment, stringent regulations. Through our instruments, software and services, you can streamline processes, improve product quality, enhance throughput and achieve compliance. Our laboratory solutions provide vital assistance in research and development, drug discovery and quality control. Our industrial Solutions enhance your production, packaging and logistics capabilities.

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    METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to introduce two new products to the Thermal Analysis Premium portfolio, the DSC3+ and TGA/DSC 3+, for superior results on the most demanding applications. The DSC3+ features premium furnace and sensor technology, while the TGA/DSC 3+ provides trustworthy results using a high performance METTLER TOLEDO balance that allows users to analyze a wide variety of sample types up to 1600 °C.

    Premium Furnace/Sensor Technology

    The DSC 3+ features the latest premium furnace technology combined with cutting-edge sensor technology: the FRS 6+ for outstanding resolution and the HSS 9+ for unbeatable sensitivity.


    Press Release: METTLER TOLEDO Introduces New High Performance Thermal Analysis Products for Premium Results

    This newly developed furnace/sensor combination is the perfect solution for long-term stability and durability in the most demanding application environments. The 6th generation of bottom-bonded, surface stabilized sensors represents more than two decades of innovative technology and provides superior results in industry standard qualification tests. For example, the indium height to width ratio is improved to 19.5 mW/°C and higher than 155 mW/°C when applying data optimization. Taking all this into account, it is quite evident that the METTLER TOLEDO DSC sensors combine a number of characteristics that are unattainable with conventional sensors used in other instruments.

    The investigation of very small to very large sample volumes requires variation of heating rates, crucible types and method gas to properly analyze important material parameters or transitions. The unique built-in FlexCal® technology automatically applies the correct calibration parameters to match the specified heating rate, method gas and crucible type, thus eliminating the worry associated with choosing a specific calibration between experiments. This results in faster measurements as the user does not need to repeat calibration measurements for every change of a measurement parameter as is the case with ordinary DSC instruments.

    The DSC 3+ is operated by the new version 14.0 STARe Thermal Analysis software with the single frequency modulated temperature technique, alternating DSC (ADSC), included and the advanced multi-frequency modulated technique TOPEM® available as an option. These techniques offer programming and evaluation possibilities and are especially useful for the separation of overlapping effects and accurate heat capacity determination. Thanks to the versatile modularity of the DSC system, each instrument can be configured according to the requirements of its intended use. Should requirements change after installation, the instrument can be upgraded as needed. This protects the initial investment. Among these available options is the combination of the DSC with a microscope for visual inspection of thermal effects or the usage of a photo calorimetry accessory to study UV-induced curing reactions.

    All this makes the DSC 3+ the first choice for users that need high performance combined with versatile modularity and flexible calibration.

    Versatile New Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

    The TGA/DSC 3+ features the latest XP micro- and XPU ultra-microbalances from the world-wide leader in laboratory weighing solutions. In the last two decades, METTLER TOLEDO has proudly provided the only thermogravimetric analyzer on the market that can measure up to 50 million resolution points continuously down to 0.1 µg for a 5 gram sample weight. This delivers a true dynamic range which corresponds to the maximum load of the balance and enables a wider variety of sample types to be measured in regards to mass and density. The internal calibration weights, which are used for a fully automatic motorized self-adjustment, ensure that the balance always delivers accurate and reliable results. Since no user action is required, one can never forget to calibrate the balance. In an important industry standard qualification test, the Minimum Weight determination also takes the environment in which a balance is located into account when describing the instrument performance and deciding on the appropriate starting mass for the sample.

    The thermo-balance installed in the TGA/DSC 3+ typically delivers repeatability at least two times better than other thermogravimetric analyzers. The improved thermostating of the balance contributes to excellent weighing performance and precise temperature control, even when positioned adjacent to a furnace operating at very high temperatures. This guarantees reproducible results independent from changing environmental conditions in the workplace. The TGA/DSC 3+ is now available with various TGA, DTA and DSC sensors with optimized balance beams which offer better baseline quality, reliable weighing and simultaneous heat flow results at temperatures from ambient to 1100 °C or 1600 °C. This allows for complete thermal analysis in a single-step process and makes a wider application range possible. Built-in user selectable automatic buoyancy compensation eliminates the need for time-consuming baseline measurements.

    Thanks to the versatile modularity of the system, each instrument can be configured according to the requirements of its intended use. Should requirements change after installation, the instrument can be upgraded as needed. This protects the initial investment. Among those options available are various interfaces for hyphenated techniques like MS, FTIR, GC/MS or a sorption accessory. All systems for evolved gas analysis (EGA) can be operated together with the sample robot for the automatic analysis of multiple samples.

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  • Control Design readers selected METTLER TOLEDO, the leading global supplier of precision instruments and services, in their 2015 Readers' Choice Awards survey as the winner in the Measurement, Load Cell/Weighing product category.

    Control Design 2015 Readers' Choice Awards recipients are featured in the September 2015 issue of the magazine, which includes automation leaders in 61 product categories.


    Press Release: METTLER TOLEDO Wins 2015 Control Design Readers' Choice Award

    Results were gathered through questionnaires sent to more than 17,000 subscribers who have buying authority or influence for industrial control and automation products. The questionnaires included unaided ballots that allowed them to rank their first, second and third choices for suppliers in each of the 61 product categories.

    METTLER TOLEDO once again took the top spot in the Measurement, Load Cell/Weighing category, having received this honor for 15 years now-since Control Design began polling readers in 2001.

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  • The Portable 450TOC Analyzer provides real-time, continuous TOC analysis with instant measurements at any point-of-use. Reduce sampling time by 75% or more with on-the-spot results that eliminate lab analysis delays. METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division has released the 450TOC Portable Total Organic Carbon Analyzer for use in pure water and ultrapure water treatment applications. Press Release: METTLER TOLEDO Thornton Introduces Portable Total Organic Carbon Analyzer for Pure Water Treatment Applications High purity water is used across a variety of industries for many applications, ranging from a main ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, washing and rinsing processes for microelectronics manufacturing, to steam generation in power generation and many production processes. As a leading manufacturer of TOC instrumentation and other monitoring products vital to verifying water quality, METTLER TOLEDO Thornton has expanded its portfolio to include a portable TOC analyzer which meets the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and power industries. According to METTLER TOLEDO Thornton Global Product Manager, Steve Carelli, "In many industries where pure and ultrapure water is used, there is an increasing need to monitor the water quality at many points throughout the production and distribution system, as well as at points of use. Dedicated TOC sensors in the water system are installed at critical points to provide continuous, on-line monitoring. However, the use of fixed instrumentation at every point of use is often not feasible because of costs and system complexity. A portable TOC Analyzer is a very practical solution, easily allowing measurements to be taken at any point where short or long term monitoring may be desirable." For more information on the METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 450TOC Portable TOC Analyzer, visit:
  • Whether you work in a lab or on a factory floor, space is often at a premium. METTLER TOLEDO's full line of precision ML-T compact balances offers big features on a small scale.

    METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its compact, battery-operated ML-T balance line. With larger-than-average weighing pans, ML-T balances give operators the room they need to carry out weighing tasks confidently. Combined with the scale’s smallest in-class footprint, this extra real estate makes ML-T balances a perfect choice for day-to-day weighing in nearly any analytical or manufacturing environment.

    The ML-T line’s benefits do not end at its roomy yet space-saving design. Built-in applications and a straight forward user interface make the ML-T convenient, even for untrained operators.


    Press Release: METTLER TOLEDO Launches Compact ML-T Balances: Larger Pan Offers Greater Weighing Flexibility in Tight Spaces

    A standard weigh-in guide and large color touchscreen with red light/green light indicators creates easy readability for dosing within tolerance. Once weigh-in is complete, results can be sent directly to a printer or transmitted wirelessly to PC, eliminating transcription by hand and the potential for error that comes with it.

    ML-T balances come standard with robust MonoBloc weighing cell and overload protection for high performance and reliability. With additional features such as MinWeigh and LevelControl, operators can rest assured that they are not weighing on an out-of-compliance balance. This confidence is enhanced by attributes such as passcode protection, which ensures balance settings are not changed on accident or by unauthorized personnel, and an ISO-log, which alerts all users to weighing-relevant setting changes.

    Automatic internal adjustment via METTLER TOLEDO’s FACT further promotes operator confidence by helping to ensure precision at all times, regardless of changes in ambient temperature or balance location. Automatic sample ID assignment, as well as the ability to record up to four numbers per sample, helps improve productivity and ensure traceability so results-tracking meets applicable regulations.

    In addition to being compact, reliable, and traceable, ML-T balances offer a variety of connection options, true portability, and easy cleaning. Their usable range can be further augmented by a series of METTLER TOLEDO accessories that help assure accuracy for less-common weighing processes.

    For more on METTLER TOLEDO’s usable, compact ML-T balance line, visit


  • MS204TS
    MS-TS balances are reassuringly easy to use and fully support lean processes in the laboratory and on the factory floor.
    Large color touchscreen – comfortable operation
    Built-in applications – simplified processes
    Warning functions – valid results ...

  • MS-TS Analytical Balance Models 0.1 mg Trusted Performance The built-in security features on MS-TS analytical balances ensure weighing results are always valid. LevelControl (electronic and mechanic level warning), MinWeigh and automatic adjustment with FACT (internal weights) support compliance with regulations. The ISOLog function maintains a record of all weighing relevant changes to the balance's settings, while the unique Sample ID feature avoids confusion among samples. For additional security, settings can be passcode protected. In addition to the extra-large touchscreen display, the scale is simple to be used and to get connected, offering 3 interfaces for easy data transfer - USB Host, USB Device, RS232, Bluetooth (optional). Robust MS-TS balances incorporate security features such as FACT, LevelControl and MinWeigh, making them convenient and reassuringly easy to use. Built-in function simplifies balance leveling, LevelContol - on-screen leveling guidance. Get connected for easy data handling - USB Host, USB Device, RS232, Bluetooth (optional)
  • ICS241
    The ICS241 is a versatile counting and simple weighing scale for various industrial environments, including production, warehouse and logistics, packaging and quality control. ...

  • The ICS241 is a versatile counting and simple weighing scale for various industrial environments, including production, warehouse and logistics, packaging and quality control. It offers an easy-to-use human-machine interface with an intuitive LCD display and alphanumeric keypad for easy and fast operation. Smart database management improves productivity, eliminating operator errors and reducing risk and cost.
  • DSC2
    Thanks to their modular design, the DSC instruments are the best choice for manual or automatic operation, from academic research and industrial development to quality assurance and production. ...

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) DSC measures the enthalpies associated with transitions and chemical reactions and determines the temperature at which these processes occur. The method is used for the identification and characterization of materials. Experience the ultimate in ease-of-use thanks to experiment launch with One Click™ and built-in gas handling. A cleverly designed, factory endurance tested autosampler with single axis movement and flexible crucible handling provides efficient and reliable routine operation around the clock.
  • 5000TOCi & M800
    The 5000TOCi sensor uses proven ultraviolet (UV) oxidation with differential conductivity to effectively determine TOC concentrations. The 5000TOCi is also suitable for semiconductor ultrapure water monitoring. ...

  • The Thornton 5000TOCi sensor with M800 multi-parameter transmitter provides a user-friendly and economical analytical package. The 5000TOCi may be coupled with Thornton’s M800 Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) transmitter, available in two- or four-channel versions, capable of operating any combination of up to two or four sensors for conductivity, pH, ORP, dissolved ozone or dissolved oxygen, plus two pulsed flow sensors.

    The 5000TOCi sensor uses proven ultraviolet (UV) oxidation with differential conductivity to effectively determine TOC concentrations. The sensor meets pharmaceutical requirements for USP <643>, <645> and EP 2.2.44, Ch P and JP16. The 5000TOCi is also suitable for semiconductor ultrapure water monitoring.