Victrex PLC.

Korea (South)
  • Booth: 2728

Victrex invites you to Semicon 2016 booth # 2728 .

Victrex PLC, manufacturers and supplies VICTREX® PEEK polymer, a high performance thermoplastic ideally suited for the semiconductor industry. Advancements in semiconductor technologies are allowing the industry to reach new levels of performance along the drive to 450 mm wafers, at smaller process nodes, with increased functionality, while maintaining productivity and reducing cycle times. These trends urge industry-leading companies to raise the bar on wafer processing optimization through the use of cutting-edge materials. Victrex and our high-performance PEEK polymer solutions can enable your valuable assets to run longer and more efficiently — that‘s future performance.


• 2X LONGER LIFE AT SAME YIELD: CMP retaining rings made from VICTREX® PEEK have the potential to last up to twice as long as rings made from PPS.

• 3% PRODUCTIVITY INCREASE: Potential productivity increase through reduction in downtime, defects and cost.

• ANNUALPOTENTIAL SAVINGS: Result based on one fab using VICTREX® PEEK polishing rings achieved saving of $2 million.


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    1. Up to 2x lifetime improvement

    2. Recyclability

    • Up to 2x lifetime improvement: Higher wear resistance allows rings made from VICTREX® PEEK to run up to two times longer than PPS
    • Recyclability: VICTREX® PEEK is 100% recyclable with minimal loss of properties after multiple heat histories.
    1. Up to 2% yield improvement

    2. Lower particle generation ...

    • Up to 2% yield improvement: 17,000 wafer carriers were converted to VICTREX® PEEK in one day.
    • Lower particle generation: FOUP made of VICTREX® PEEK-ESD polymer can prevent particle contamination.
    1. Lower ionic contamination: Prevent haze formation on reticles.
    2. Lower outgassing:

    • Lower ionic contamination: Prevent haze formation on reticles.
    • Lower outgassing: VICTREX® PEEK can enable reticles to be stored in a mini environment with low contamination risk.