Seojin Electron Co., Ltd.

Suwon-City, Kyungki-do, 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 2736


Seojin Electron Co.,Ltd. is a special enterprise supplying every sort of parts used for manufacturing semiconductor and FPD. Seojin Electron Co.,Ltd. is supplying major products as follows:

-Every sort of Components needed for process gases in FAB line, such as Metal Gas Filter eliminating particles and Pressure Regulator which adjust supply gas pressure

-Ionizer preventing damage and contamination caused by Electro Static in advance.

-Steamer supplying ultrapure water vapor.

-Vaporizer vaporizing Precursors which have very low Vapor Pressure and solid source (dissolved in a carrier liquid)

-Vacuum Gauge measuring wide range of vacuum lever

-High Purity Aluminium Material and Nano Ceramic Filter

-RF Generator & Matching Unit provides more than 1000 times faster matching time.

-Gas Delivery System gives better Accuracy and Ultra Low Flow Capacity


In addition, presently Seojin Electron Co.,Ltd. is promoting the overseas marketing strategy in cooperation with domestic manufacturing businesses of equipment and parts.