Semilab Korea Co., Ltd.

Korea (South)
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Metrology for the Semiconductor, FPD & PV Industries

We design, produce and sell metrology equipment for the characterization of semiconductor, Flat Panel and photovoltaic materials, for monitoring the manufacturing process of semiconductor devices and solar cells, and also for R&D purposes in these areas.

We offer a variety of measurement techniques; most of them are non-contact and non-destructive. Many of our technologies can be flexibly integrated in different platforms, ranging from simple handheld devices and table-top systems with high resolution mapping capability to fully automated stand-alone production control tools for mid-range and high-level fablines.

We also offer in-line measurements for solar cell production lines. Our strategy is to continuously improve our products, and to offer flexible solutions for our customers’ needs with high-value products for a reasonable price.


  • SEIR
    • Technology : SE and MBIR
    • Fully Automated Platform
    –2 Load Ports, E84 support, SECS/GEM
    –Wafer size configurable up to 300mm
    • SE : 250-1500 nm Wavelength Range, 75 deg AOI
    • MBIR : 0.9-20 um Wavelength Range, 25 deg AOI ...

  • The tool has capability to cover a wide range of application such as:
    -Thin Films (SE, MBIR)
    -SiGe (SE, MBIR)
    -Silicon EPI (MBIR)
    -SiP / SiCP EPI (MBIR)
    -Trench and Via Applications (MBIR) The fully automated tool platform availability includes the 3000 series shown to the left, with Dual Load Port and Support for E84 Overhead Delivery of FOUPs.

    SE Application Examples:
    - SiGe, Ge, Oxide, Nitride, Poly, Amorphous Si

    MBIR Application Examples:
    - Silicon EPI, SiP-SiCP EPI, B-Doped SiGe, Trenches and Vias

  • FCV
    FCV use a small elastic probe to form a temporary gate on the dielectric surface. An integrated pattern recognition system locates scribe line test areas. The elastic probe has a diameter of less than 30 µm and does not damage the dielectric surface. ...

  • Features:

    • No mercury contact.  Non-damaging and non-contaminating probe permits wafer reuse.
    • Easy to learn and use SEMI E95 User Interface running under Windows
    • Easy transfer of data over fab networks with common networking software.  Compatible with SSM Report Generator client for remote access.
    • Easy storage, management, and use of over 200 measurement recipes for process-specific needs.
    • Loading from a single load port in FCV-2500, or a dual load port in FCV-3000.
    • Measurements down to 1 mm edge exclusion.
    • Integrated, programmable pretreatment to stabilize wafer surfaces.

    Measured Parameters:

    • Capacitive Effective Thickness (CET)
    • Equivalent Oxide Thickness (EOT)
    • Density of Interface State (Dit)
    • Flatband Voltage (Vfb)
    • Threshold Voltage (VT)
    • Oxide capacitance
    • Average Surface Doping (NSURF)
    • Changing of Flatband Voltage (Delta Vfb)
    • Conductance Peak (Gmax)

    Each system is then configured to the user’s requirements by adding measurement capabilities and automation capabilities described below.

    Measurement Capabilities:

    • C-V measurement
    • I-V measurement
    • Ramped Current Stress Test (RCST)
    • Constant Current Stress Test (CCST)
    • Ramped Voltage Stress Test (RVST)
    • Constant Voltage Stress Test (CVST)
    • Offline Carrier Profiling

    Probe movement, wafer motion, cassette loading/uploading, and wafer pretreatment are controlled by an internal computer according to user-defined stored recipes. Data analysis is preformed in a comprehensive C-V analysis package.  All are controlled by a simple-to-use graphical user interface complying with the SEMI E95 standard. The basic system includes the Front End Module (including wafer stage, robot, and pre-aligner), System Controller, Power Control Unit, Pneumatics Control Unit, FCV system and optional one- or two- pin hard probe with online backup, Capacitance-Voltage Meter, and a comprehensive software suite, including system control software, recipe and measurements databases, and a library of C-V measurement types.

  • PMR
    Ion Implant Monitoring Tool
    PMR-3000 enables in-line monitoring of implant/anneal processes on product wafers for immediate, accurate, and low-cost production control of implant and RTP systems and in-line monitoring for pre and post anneal implant. ...

    • Non-contact metrology for product wafers
      1. Measures pre and post annealed wafers
      2. USJ capability
      3. Pattern recognition for structured wafers
      4. Implant dose
      5. Junction depth
      6. PAI depth
    • New advanced optics, designed for high stability, MTBF and MTTR
    • Redesigned version of Boxer-Cross tool
    • Low cost, lower cycle time, represents true product results
    • Quickly locates source of implant/anneal module problems by providing both implant dose and RTP control measurements
    • Highest throughput in market for production monitoring applications