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  • Filter for quick diffuse vent "FBA Series"
    During a vacuum break process of Load lock chamber and/or Transfer chamber of semiconductor equipment, particle adhesion onto a silicon wafer and damage of silicon wafer are potential problems caused by particle blow and turbulence of gas. ...

  • To avoid this problem, slow vent method has been taken for the vacuum break.
    Using Pureron’s FBA series for quick diffuse vent, no more need slow vent, and then through put should be greatly improved.

    Made of stainless steel 316L material.
    High temperature resistance.
    High filtration accuracy
    Gas ejected from the tip for the cup-shaped.



  • Inline Ceramic Gas Filter "PGFL" Series
    High Accuracy Filtration
    For sub micron LSI processes, it is indispensable to supply high purity process gas to use point. Ultra clean piping was also a major concern for this purpose. ...

  • To cope with such requirements, Pureron Japan has developed completely new filters using ceramic as filtering element and achieved 0.003μm high accuracy filtration under stable condition.

    High Selectivity Indispensable for Etching and Thin Film
    Removal of impurity such as water and oxygen is very important seeking for high selectivity. High temperature baking is indispensable in order to surely remove impurity. Pureron Japan’s ceramic filter has been developed from this viewpoint and high temperature baking at 200°C is possible.
    Cost Reduction by Maintenance-Free Operations
    Trilaminar filtration structure, depending on size of particle diameter, rarely generates clogging. Ceramic filter also offers superior durability and heat resistance compared with conventional filter. Consequently, little loss caused by down time of production realizes cost reduction in long term.

  • Pressure Transmitter "PC-300 Series"
    PC-300 series is high accuracy pressure sensor with superior temperature characteristic. SUS316L is used for gas (fluid) contacting area for superior corrosion resistance. ...

  • Selectable output either 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V enables easy connection with various digital panel meters and programmable controllers.

    High Accuracy / High Reliability
    High accuracy and reliability with 0.25% maximum deviation from best fit line affected by linearity, hysteresis repeatability.
    Wide Measurement Range
    Wide pressure range available; Gauge pressure 0 to 172.4KPa (1.76kgf/cm2) to 20,684KPa (210kgf/cm2), absolute pressure from 0 to 2,586 torr. Vacuum draw available as option.
    Long Lifetime
    Cycle duration test, 1,000,000 times or more, conducted in each range.
    Selectable 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V

  • Gas Filters for IGS "FI/SI Series"
    This is the gas filter for IGS. We have a large assortment of ceramic gas filter and all metal gas filter that have an excellent reputation as high filtration accuracy and high corrosion resistance. ...

  • High Accuracy Filtration
    Ceramic element types (0.003μm) with a reputation for high accuracy filtration and metal element types (0.003μm) lined up.
    Wide Variation
    C- Seal / H1G-Seal / W- Seal types available (1.125 inch types are also available for C-seal and W-seal).
    Wide Flow Rate Range
    Product line ups with flow rates from LPM level to 120LPM.
  • Ultra High Purity Gas Purifier "GP/GPF Series"
    This is ultra high purity compact gas purifier. Use point impurity such as water, oxygen and hydrocarbon included in inactive or special gas removed effectively. ...

  • Use point impurity such as water, oxygen and hydrocarbon included in inactive or special gas removed down to 1PPB or less under certain conditions.
    SUS316L used as standard material for rough filtration media not generating particle by corrosion or chemical reaction.
    Water included in high corrosion special gas such as HBr and HCI removed up to 100PPB (detection limit of analysis equipment) or less under certain conditions.
    Same small size and light weight GP-05 as filter with 84mm face-to-face dimension and 120g in weight.
    Usable until complete lifetime by reactivation process by baking at 350°C to 400°C depending on gas type.
  • HASTELLOY Metal Gas Filter "UCH-M Series"
    This filter is used HASTELLOY® for every part, and extremely lower pressure loss, compact size and realizing high gas flow rate. ...

  • HASTELLOY® used for every part
    High cleansing level: Internal special cleansing and high temperature baking with high purity N2 gas for all products before shipment.
    High efficiency particle removal of 0.003μm or more under high flow rate and high differential pressure.
    High heat resistance 460°C
    Wide range of models available from low flow rate about 10L/min to medium flow rate about 250L/min
    Low pressure loss: Extremely lower pressure loss and compact size compared with conventional metal filter realizing high gas flow rate.