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Machine Vision System House NIP Co., Ltd. -SWIR InGaAs Camera

Machine Vision System House

NIP Co., Ltd provides Light, Lens, Industrial Camera, Frame Grabber, S/W library and so on. We also offer the technical assistance and development support with our products.

NIP is established as Sam Hong Data System in 1984. In the early 1990s, we commercialized the character recognition software at the first time in South Korea and we are confident that we bring benefit to establish related technique. NIP has put more efforts and invest into now and future development to make customers satisfaction in order to move forward. For example our employees continually develop more enhanced technology and introduce new technology. By these efforts, we can provide the highest quality technical service to our customers. We seek customer value that we provide and share our technology and experience until they can use our product successfully. These principles come from conviction that customer's success is our future. We will always try to deliver high-quality product as their business partner.

 Press Releases

  • NIP Co., Ltd manufactured SWIR InGaAs Camera PAMINA & TAMINO

    PAMINA , self-developed InGaAs InP-based camera is built in a more crisp image detector to the infrared image can be obtained, by utilizing the transmission characteristics of the short wavelength infrared overcome haze environment images can be obtained. PAMINA is supported by Camera-Link and general-purpose method that provides both NTSC video output, 640x512 100fps to the speed of output, and to improve the image quality of a two-point calibration and a pixel correction function is supported.

    TAMINO, line-scan camera is optimized to industrial machine vision application. TAMINO developed by NIP is consists of 1024 pixel and each of that pixel is 25㎛. It can obtain image at maximum speed of 31.25 Khz. TAMINO provides communication port of RS232C serial separately and Strobe output port. Also it has low consumption of electrical power, so you can capture high sensitive image. TAMINO is used for silicon wafer inspection, solar cell/wafer inspection and sorting recycling-plastic and so on.


  • SWIR InGaAs 2k Line Scan Camera TAMINO

    SWIR InGaAs 2k Line Scan Camera TAMINO ...

  • SWIR InGaAs Line Scan Camera TAMINO

    This SWIR line scan camera is our new launch product optimized to high resolution and high responsivity SWIR Imaging application. It is consists of 2048 pixel and each of pixel is 12.5um. It can capture high sensitive image. It also can be applied to solar wafer inspection, hyperspectral and various field of machine vision industry.


  • SWIR InGaAs Area Scan Camera PAMINA
    SWIR InGaAs Area Scan Camera (VGA/QVGA) ...

  • SWIR InGaAs Area Scan Camera PAMINA Series

    PAMINA InGaAs camera is optimized to science inspection application for industrials as well as Solar Cell Wafer, Science, Semiconductor, Biomedical field and external environment detection. This provides higher solution for inspection by maintaining hypersensitive perception and reducing noise through using TEC cooler.