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  • KITZ SCT Super Clean Valve
    KITZ SCT’s Valve series: the most essential items for manufacturing process of semiconductors. ...

  • KITZ SCT’s Valve series: the most essential items for manufacturing process of semiconductors.

    In manufacturing process of semiconductor, LCD, solar cell manufacturing tools and LED, it is crucial to have highly pure and reliable gas providing facility. KITZ SCT’s Super Clean Valve (SCV) has realized

    Some of the most remarkable features are that it extremely minimized the internal dead volume which increases the gas exchange ability. By reducing the surface size, the out gassing ability has been highly improved and also prevented the plastic from expansion. Furthermore, replacement of the Aluminum piston has achieved increased speed.

    Diaphragm Valve

    Our KITCS SCT’s diaphragm valve has reduced body passageway size, which effectively minimized the internal size which leads to the improvement of gas exchange ability.

    Our original internal structure has made the valve to have the best sealing ability, excellent durability and out gassing ability. With strictly selected Diaphragm material, we have strengthened the corrosion proof function also, our own shaping technology, we had managed stable quality control. Also the valves are manufactured under strict control of the particle in the best level of producing environment to deal with the highly pure gas.

    High compressed Diaphragm Valve

    This manual valve has adopted big size handle to enable easy operation. The wide Open/Close window helps to check the status at one sight. The automatic valve has adopted patented distribution device to reduce the external volume of the driving head and realized improved durability. Also, we have increased the hardness of the body and the driving part for higher reliance.

    Bellows Valve

    Bellows Valve is widely used in facility’s providing lines which needs high flow, for it has high CV value compared to Diaphragm valve. Our own original seat structure controls the particle formation in the disc and improves the durability of the facility. Also, it could minimize the disc base so that the purge time could be also shortened. This could be applied in both gas providing system as well as in exhausting system. It could effectively deal with the high temperature and


    KITZ SCT’ Fitting series: The best partner for the high reliable and high pure gas line.

    In accordance with the development of the IT industry, the change in the high-purity has been accelerated, while the gas pipe product inquiry has become even more diverse.

    KITZ SCT has been providing a wide range of Fitting products which deals the high pure gas, also we actively respond to the requirements from the field.

    Our main products are CVC (Clean Vacuum Coupling) series which has adopted the Mechanical Joint and the SCM (Super Clean Micro), SCL (Super Clean Long), SCF (Super Clean Fitting) series, which are mainly welding method.

  • KITZ SCT's Vacuum Valve series.
    KITZ SCT’s Vacuum Valve series: The Best choice for the vacuum equipment. ...

  • Under manufacturing process of the semiconductor, LCD and LED, the gas injected in to the process chamber is forced to be discharged through the vacuum pump after the wafer process. KITZ SCT’s vacuum valve achieved stable durability and long life span of the device even under this harsh manufacturing circumstance.

    Also, for the x, it prevents the adhesion of the by-product by heating the valve and maintains the high leak-rate function which increases the sustainability of the facility.

    We have number of fine products which could be applied in to various types of equipment such as gave valve (self-heating type), pendulum type gave valve, butterfly valve, L-Y-Z shape Bellows vacuum valve and Hot valve(self-heating type).

    Check valve

    Check valve is a poppet type valve, which enables smooth open and close operation through delicate interlock process. It is very specially designed elastomer and could seal from low to high pressure, and also used 316L stainless steel, strengthening the corrosion proof function. Under high backpressure the poppet and the body is designed to meet each other and maintains the pressure and the stress in consistent level. This helps the device to have long life span.

    Metering needle valve

    With the dedicated process of the needle, this prevents the back rush and helps to set even the very detailed gas flow. The metal gasket guarantees excellent thermostability.

    All-metal valve

    This All-metal valve is completely made of metal in every part of the device which could be used under 250 degrees Celsius. With KITZ SCT’s original design, it had reduced the cv value under high temperature environment and realized high efficiency. Also, the entire part of the valve has been made of material which could stand the high temperature process and circumstance. This is best suitable for processing system which needs even and equal heat uniformity.

    Multi-function valve

    This valve enables to control the fluid and opening and close function at the same time. It doesn’t need any by-pass pipe or controlling devices, which leads to cutting cost and highly effective design of the system. It could also set the best CV value in accordance with the using purpose.

    Gas panel

    We are equipped with the clean room and manufacture in Korea and with the 30-year knowledge and technology, we have various types of gas panel design, manufacturing and remodeling experiences. We could do the original type of gas panel and also able to provide integrated gas panel with B, C, W types.

  • Q-Lok Tube Fitting
    Main Partner of Reliable Piping System. ...

  • Main Partner of Reliable Piping System.

    Tube Fitting

    tube fitting of Q-Lok boasts of the best sealing ability in the extreme environment by adopting the high-tech machining and swaging

    technology in order to minimize the risk of leakage. All products are produced in accordance with international standards and defect ratio is minimized through strict quality managing system in accordance with ISO 9001. Based on the production experience on various types of special products, Q-Lok company provides the best products to the industrial sites through analysis of application, effective  design, production and quality management system.

    Pipe Fitting

    Q-Lok products produced through strict manufacturing process have always impressed customers. All products produced at Q-Lok not only present consistently excellent sealing ability at the extreme environment such as high temperature, high pressure, vacuum and vibration, but also boast of excellent corrosion resistance using 316/316L dual stainless steel** materials carefully selected. The thread of rolling process through technical supervision of the specialist have superior strength and precision and will be benefits all engineers due to high reliability.

    Tube Fitting

    Sealing method of Double Ferrule structure has been already applied to worldwide many industries and evaluated to have excellent sealing performance. The assembly can be done easily by anyone through simple operation with wrench and enjoys popularity on the

    field. In particular, perfect sealing ability of front and back ferrule produced through strict process will always meet the expectation of customers.


    Replacement Part

    Components of all fitting of Q-Lok are sold as exchangeable and repeatable parts. The special benefits of thread fitting and tube fitting is repeatability. Reuse of fitting using nut and ferrule saves total maintenance cost.

    The best partner for tube and fitting, DOCKWEILER ...

  • Dockweiler is providing its finest pipe products to wide range of industries including semi-conductor, LCD, solar energy. The representative products are tubes and fittings, which could be widely applied from the general industry to Ultra High Purity systems. Also, various types of products could be manufactured including manifold, header, bubbler and chemical storage container.

  • Q-Lok Valve
    The essential item for stainless steel piping system. ...

  • Ball valve: The essential item for stainless steel piping system.

    Q-Lok’s ball valve has unique internal structure and shows excellent sealing and degassing ability and great durability. The corrosion resistance has also been increased by using 316/ 317L dual stainless steel materials. With Q-Lok’s original forming method, we have also realized reliable and stable product durability. In particular, we have significantly reduced the area which contacts the fluid and minimized the corrosion and deformation caused by the reaction of the material and the fluid. Q-Lok’s ball valve will definitely be the best choice for the client’s demand for diverse manufacturing circumstances and fluid.

    Needle valve: The best choice for the stainless steel piping system.

    Needle valve of Q-Lok is in a trim structure specially designed, minimizes the internal dead space, and has excellent gas exchange ability. In particular, Stem Tip is manufactured in 3 forms and can be applied to various applications. It provides the performance that can meet request of customers through fine flow and pressure control ability and gives much help to stability and production yields. Internal thread structure that prevents back rush by excessive pressure in principle is the point that Q-Lok’s needle valve boasts of. 

    Check valve: Leader of check valve

    Check valve of Q-Lok with unique flow path using poppet is designed to control precise opening and closing at the set pressure. In addition, stable flow, durability and corrosion resistance are enhanced by improving the unique internal structure of check valve preventing flowing of fluids or pollutants. Precisely manufactured spring accurately prevents back flow of fluids or pressure with precise control of cracking pressure.

    Manifold valve: The best guide of free piping design

    Manifold valve of Q-Lok helps to control various flow paths so that the designers can freely design the piping system. Manifold valve has over 3 ports and over 2 valves formed in one block, solving the spatial interference. As each flow path is controlled at one block, on/off operation is concentrated at one place for convenience of engineers. Internal surface roughness is optimized through own unique internal machining process of Q-Lok after ordinary drilling in manufacturing process and its uniformity is also excellent. As a series of process are performed rapidly from configuration of valve flow path to drawing design, manufacturing and test according to the customer requirement, the best service is provided to customers.