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 Established in 1992, it started to produce and sell various disposable masks. After building one large-scale factory near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2008 and another large-scale factory in Hanoi in 2013 respectively, it started to produce and sell consumable products for many industries such as clean rooms (garment, wiper), medical facilities (surgical gown, drape), industrial safety fields (protective clothing, dust-proof mask), and consumer markets (mask). Jangjung Industrial Corporation is doing its best to develop a variety of product groups and improve product qualities so that people and products in each industrial group can be protected from everything that may adversely affect them. 




  • Anyguard Yellow dust mask 1P Large
    Any Guard Yellow Dust Mask obtained KF-80 Certification from KFDA. It effectively protects us from fine dust and yellow dust during outdoor activities and is very hygienic as it is not used repeatedly as a disposable product. ...

  • Characteristic

    - As it is made of quadruple-structure non-woven fabric (PP+MB+SF+SB), it protects your respiratory organ from yellow dust and fine dust.  

    - The folding-type design is registered at the Patent Office. It does not touch the lips of a user while wearing and sticks to his/her face comfortably.   

    - As there is a functional nose support, it does not slip down and prevents fogging on glasses.  

    - It has been approved as a quasi-drug. So, you can use it safely.  

    - There are two different sizes: a small size and a big size. So, you can make a choice depending on your face shape. 

  • 애니가드 황사 마스크 1P 소형
    애니가드 황사 마스크는 식약처에서 KF-80 인증을 받은 제품으로 야외 활동 시 미세먼지와 황사를 효과적으로 방어하고 일회용 제품으로써 중복 사용을 하지 않아 위생적입니다. ...

  • Characteristics

    • 4중 구조의 부직포를 (TB+MB+SF+SB)사용하여 황사와 미세먼지로부터 호흡기를 보호해줌.
    • 접이식 설계로 특허청에 등록이 되었으며 착용 후 입술이 닿지 않고 편안하게 얼굴에 밀착됨.
    • 기능성 코 지지대를 적용하여 흘러내리지 않고 안경 김 서림을 방지해줌.
    • 피부자극 테스트  및 4대 유해성 물질  테스트 완료.

       (알러지성염료, 아릴아민, 포름알데히드, PH테스트)

    • 의약외품 품목허가 제품으로 안심하고 사용할 수 있음.
    • 지퍼백 타입으로 마스크 를 청결하게 보관할 수 있음 (3매입).
    • 신축성이 좋은 이어밴드를 사용하여 귀가 아프지 않음.


    • 황사 및 미세먼지 차단
  • Cleanroom Garments
    The garments are produced with the use of high-quality fabric in order to suppress the generation of static electricity and particles in the advance electronic industry and in various special working environments as well. ...

  • We have many kinds of fabric with various specifications so that customers can consider the class levels and conditions of various working environments and choose optimum products to control quality and save costs. Besides, we have enhanced workers’ convenience by allowing them to choose various specifications in accordance with their requirements.  

    These days, state-of-the-art technologies are being intensively developed in various industrial groups. In the garment field, Jangjung Industrial Corporation will also do its best to become the best partner for the improvement of your product quality.  

  • Organic compound protective clothing
    Organic compound Fabric: As a PP + PE Lamination fabric, it is excellent in fire resistance. This fabric can be effectively protected from organic compounds. ...

  • Characteristic

    - As a PE laminated sheet(PP, PE Lamination), it has a chemically resistant structure, thus blocking organic compounds more strongly.  

    - By gluing the sewn surface with seam tape without a sewing line, the penetration of harmful chemical liquid can be blocked fundamentally.  

    - It is equipped with double zippers which provide the best protection.

    - Double sleeve designs blocking penetration through the sleeves



    - Organic compounds, handling of petrochemical substances, Chemical waste treatment process



    Large, Extra-large, 24 suits

  • Industrial Safety Dust Mask
    Anyguard Dust-proof Mask obtained KS Certification from Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency and is an optimum product which can protect the respiratory organ from harmful substances in industrial sites. ...

  • Anyguard Dust-proof Mask obtained KS Certification from Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency and is an optimum product which can protect the respiratory organ from harmful substances in industrial sites. Considering many different industrial site environments, products are certified in various levels. By applying the best quality MB filter, we are trying our best to get the highest filter efficiency. On the other hand, we are also maintaining the best differential pressure performance for the respiration convenience of users.