SKC Solmics Co., Ltd.

Pyeongtaek,  Kyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 2572

Future-oriented Ceramic Hi-Technology!

SKC SOLMICS opens a new world of better, more prosperous and more value from semiconductors and LCD parts materials to automobile parts, the medical device industry, and the thermal energy and aerospace industries. Al2O3 (Alumina) SKC SOLMICS produces more than 20,000 types of Alumina ceramic parts as well as 20 years of world best processing technology. • Focus Ring: Being used for performing plasma positioning and insulation • Edge Ring: Performing wafer positioning and plasma stability • Ring Confiment Cap: Being used to control plasma pressure Si (Silicon) SKC SOLMICS produces various types of Si parts from our Si Ingots which are producing with our own technology. • Si Focus Ring: Functionally aligning focusing plasma • Si Edge Ring: Aligning wafer accurately and supplementing Si Focus Ring, establishing plasma We are also a producer of Si Ingots for the size of 380mm, 420mm and 480mm with the purity of 9N and 11N(99.9999999%, 99.99999999%).