Kyungwon Tech Co., Ltd.

Seongnam-si,  Gyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 2710

Etching/Deposition Profile and Plasma Simulator Provider

Kyungwon Tech has worked for numerical simulation of plasma processing of microelectronics industry and commercialized 3D etching profile simulator in 2013, K-SPEED, focusing on deep etching of semiconductor process. Due to the unique plasma reaction data of C4F6, C4F8, and other gases, it has given insight of semiconductor etching process and made a good success, which was not available in the past. It can be applicable to other etching and CVD processes in the future.


    K-SPEED is ultra-fast 3D feature profile simulation software for plasma processing of microelectronic industry. ...

  • K-SPEED is a computer simulation software to predict feature evolution considering the physicochemical phenomena of etching and deposition process of semiconductor and display industry such as void, etch stop, polymer passivation effect, etch rate, and charge-up effect.

    To predict the bulk plasma property of various processing gas
    To predict the surface reactions between wafer surface and plasma
    To predict the transport of ions and neutral species in microstructure of semiconductor
    To predict the movement of 3D free surface in plasma processing