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Korea (South)
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Neosem provides total solutions of the semiconductor test.

Neosem Business and Products
 1. Memory Group
   - Design, Manufacture, Service, Sales of the products listed below:
   1) SSD (Solid State Drive) Tester
   2) Memory Tester 
     - NAND, DDR NAND, Mobile DRAM, eNAND, eMMC
   3) Monitoring Burn-In Tester
 2. Systems Group (Distribution Biz) 
   1) Sales & Tech Support of the Partnered Products
   2) Test Application Program(with Oakgate)
   3) Assembly Equipment (with UIC)
   4) Surface Particle Detector(with Pentagon Technology)  


  • N3500
    * Key Specification
    - Target Device: ONFI3.0 devices, NAND/NOR Flash, eNAND, SD/MMC Cards,
    - Min Configuration: 1 Blade (up to 32 DUTs)
    - Max Parallel Capability: 64 Blades ...

  • The N3500 test system is designed to be a high paralel, high performance, low cost and
    scalable test solution for Flash cards and various memory devices.
    It allows a large number of Flash Cards or memory devices to be tested in parallel at their
    highest sed.
    - Target Protocols : SATA3.0, SAS 6G/12Gbps, PCIe3.0 & AHCI/NVMe
    - Target Form Factors : 1.8/2.5 inch, Edge Card, mSATA, NGFF(m.2)
    - Temperature Range : -10'C ~ 125'C
    - DUT Count : 512(SATA3.0/SAS12G), 256(PCIe 4lanes) ...

  • SX3-8t2z is an SSD functional test chamber system designed from the ground-up for testing SSDs and optimized to meet the rapidly evolving requirements in the competitive SSD marketplace.

    This system has 2-zone, each zone with independent thermal controller systems.

    The SX3's unique architecture enables the concurrent test for SSDs of multiple protocols and various DUT form-factors within the same system.

    SX3-8t2z is a  test chamber which can test SAS12G/SATA3/PCIe3.0 (NVMe or AHCI) in one system.

    User’s handy software tools with excellent GUI provide user an efficient look and feel to deal with this chamber.

  • MBT(CHORUS 1606HC-24)
    - Target Protocols: SRAM, DRAM(DDR, LPDDR, GDDR), Flash Memory(NOR,NAND,
    eMMC, etc), MCP
    - Target Form Factors: All Type BGA Burn-in Socket
    - Temperature Range: -40'C ~ 125'C(Optional Humidity Chambet) ...

  • Chorus-1000 series has 20Mhz test cycle algorithmic pattern generator.

    By having its own PG/DRV and Power Board, 48 kind of devices can be tested simultaneously.

    And each zone also has sub-Controller(ARM CPU, Linux based), so that brings fast data processsing time with fault tolerant feature.