Du-sung Technology co., ltd.

Korea (South)
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Du-sung Technology co.,ltd is a public held business founded in 1994 as a supplying Burn-In equipment and burn-in board for semiconductor industry. We are headquartered in Daejeon city, Korea, with experienced personnel located throughout the Korea to service out customers. Our point value and belief are as below. - Best product - Team work - Best customer service - Best effort - Discovery of self - Honest We have been a representative for Micro Control Company(www.microcontrol.com) in Korea for long time and saled/installed a lot of Micro control’s burn-in system, so we could have extended the market share to 90% in Korea. - ABES-V logic & Memory burn-in system - LC-1 logic & Memory burn-in system - LC-2 logic & Memory burn-in system - HPB-5A, 5B High power burn-in system - HTRB & HTGB burn in system - Power Cycle system - Burn-in boards - Burn-in service Moreover We have manufactured several types burn-in board to meet to Micro Control Systems and other style systems.


    Production Burn-In and Individual Temperature Control ...

    • Large system capacity – 64 burn-in boards
    • Total I/O up to 256 channels per BiB
    • Total power up to 500 DUT current available per BiB
    • Up to 10 individually programmable power supplies
    • Up to 150 Volt power supply outputs
    • 16 user-defined pattern and power zones
    • Total flexibility up to 8M vector memory depth with scan capability per BiB
    • Individual temperature control up to 50 watts, compatible with many BiB sizes
    The Industry Standard for Burn-in of High Power Integrated Circuits ...

    • Individual temperature control for each device up to 150 W
    • Variable oven overflow control
    • Individual pattern zone per burn-in board slot
    • 32M vector memory standard, 64M optional
    • Tests devices at a temperature of up to 150°C
    • Up to 800 MHz clock rate
    • 128 digital I/O channels per burn-in board
    • System capacity of 384 devices under test with individual temperature control per device
    • 16 programmable voltage regulators with 1080 amps of device under test power per burn-in board
    • 8 high-current supplies
      • (0-4 volts at up to 125 amps each)
    • 8 low-current supplies
      • (0-6 volts at up to 10 amps each)