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Korea (South)
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Welcome to Linkgenesis’s SECS, GEM, EDA Software Solutions!


We are 'Linkgenesis', a company that creates values from information & Communication technology.

Linkgenesis was founded on December in 2003 and has steadily grown as a professional ICT service(Information Automation System and Software Test Automation) expert group based on its professional experiences from various projects. 

Linkgenesis has made a constant effort to take competitive advantages and proactively cope with rapid changes in IT environment and the collective efforts of Linkgenesis will be continued until we become a world best company with best of breed technologies, advanced technology development and high quality service.

▶ Products of IA System for Semiconductor / FPD / Solar / LED Manufacturing
   - SECS Communication Driver : XCom
   - GEM/300mm Solution : XGem/XGem300
   - EDA Solution : CIMPortal Plus 

▶ Development of Communication Modules for Semiconductor / FPD / Solar / LED Manufacturing
- RTMS, Line Controllers, CIM Projects

▶ System Consulting for IA Systems based on SEMI Standards and Education Program of SEMI Communications

▶ Development and Offer of Software Test Automation System 
   - Test Automation Solution : MAT


  • XCom, XGem/XGem300, CIMPortal Plus
    ■ XCom : Driver that helps you use SECS communications more easily and conveniently.
    ■ XGem : Driver that allows you to make GEM communications more easily & conveniently.
    ■ CIMPortal Plus : Software for SEMI EDA/Interface A Standards ...

  • ■ XCOM Secs Driver

    XCom SECS Driver is a communication driver that helps you use SECS communications more easily and conveniently. As it support both SECS-I via RS-232C and HSMS via TCP/IP within one control, you can apply your systems to the various environment with the same control and usages.

    · ActiveX-Based OCX control
    · Support for both SECS-I and HSMS-SS
       (Settings can be changed using the Configuration Tool)
    · Various Development tools (Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, Delphi, C++ Builder)
    · Automatic stream 9 messages transmission for the communication errors
    · Up to 8 SECS communication connections with one license

    ■ XGem / XGem300 GEM Driver

    XGem - XGem GEM Driver is a GEM communication driver that allows you to make GEM communications more easily and conveniently. It supports SEMI E30 GEM specifications. As it makes complex GEM communications be executed with a simple definition of data related to the GEM scenarios on Configuration tools, it saves development costs and increases productivity.

    XGem300 - XGem300 is an extension of XGem for the 300mm specifications.
    It supports SEMI E30, E40, E87, E90 and E94 specifications.

    · Proved SECS Communications (using XCom SECS Driver)
    · ActiveX-Based OCX control
    · Various development tools (Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, Delphi, C++Builder)
    · Automatic generation and processing of 200mm and 300mm GEM Messages
    · Automatic creation of data used on 200mm and 300mm GEM scenarios
    · User-defined SECS messages
    · User-defined communication scenarios

    ■ CIMPortal Plus

    CimPortal Plus is built upon the award-winning, industry-leading CIMPortal software toolkit that has set the Interface A connectivity standard for semiconductor equipment suppliers. Cimetrix developed CIMPortal Plus specifically to help equipment makers support both versions of the EDA/Interface A standards

    · Complete set of Interface A tools
    · Flexible equipment model architecture
    · Drag-and-drop model builder with EDA compliance checker
    · Model wizard and equipment model templates
    · CIMStore Database Module included
    · CIM Web EDA-compliant Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) hosted web service
    · High performance CIMPortal Engine and Data Collection Interface Modules (DCIM)
    · High degree of flexibility and configurability
    · Advanced message security for unique fab requirements
    · Supports ConditionValue traces in Freeze Version II implementations
    · Supports multiple Data Collection Interface Modules (DCIMs), including CIMConnect,
       TCP/IP, WCF, and AppDCIM
    · Includes ECCE Plus and simulator