MiCo Co., Ltd.

Anseong-ci,  Gyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 2136

Value Creator / Chamber Solution Provider

MiCo was founded in February of 1996, and company name was changed from KoMiCo to MiCo in 2013.

As a leading company providing semiconductor parts and various materials, We are always trying to become a global materials and parts expert by creating value for customers based on convergence of core component technologies such as Y2O3, Al2O3 and AlN

MiCo is continuously strived to contribute to semiconductor industry by expanding to localization of functional parts and advanced materials.

Going forward, MiCo is committed to green industry to develop solid oxide fuel cell and IT industry to develop precision and functional parts based on advanced ceramic technologies.

KoMiCo, a leading company of precision cleaning and special coating in semiconductor industry, was founded August 2013.

KoMiCo intends to become the global leader not only in semiconductor industries  but also in all IT and a frontier industries with our advanced cleaning and coating technology.  



  • Parts Cleaning, Coating/ Parts Manufacturing
    - Functional Parts
    - Consumable Ceramic Parts
    - Precison Cleaning
    - Special Coating

  • ■ Functional Parts

     - AlN Heater

     - Electro-static Chuck

     - DGDP

    ■ Consumable Ceramic Parts

     - AlN Ceramic

     - Y2O3 Ceramic

     - Al2O3 Ceramic

    ■ Precison Cleaning for semicoductor equipment parts

     - Cu Cleaning available

    ■ Special Coating for semicoductor equipment parts